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Daniel Ong

to Donald E. L. Johnson, RE: Libertarian Q&A:

Norm probably didn't answer your questions on drugs because he basically already directly answered them in 2 of the initial 11 questions, #3 and #4. Why should it matter if after a long day at work one wants to unwind with a cup of coffee, a cigarette, a cigar, a beer, a glass of wine, a shot of whiskey, or a joint, if nobody else is directly harmed? My total use of all of these recreational drugs can be counted on one hand; I simply don't want the government to tell me what I can or can't take. Also, if the government is out of the health care business, you can't be forced to pay through taxes for the excesses of others.

Rep. Ron Paul (Texas, Republican Liberty Caucus) favors a return to the gold standard--I don't know the details of his proposal and haven't studied that specialty. I do think our ever increasing federal debt and unfunded entitlement liabilities will eventually lead to some form of economic ruin if not corrected. Anything other than hard currency is subject to manipulation, inflation or counterfeiting.

What is a special interest? It's a group of people that pool their resources to promote a common interest. If they are seeking to increase economic or personal freedoms of all, that's laudable. If they are seeking to limit economic or personal freedoms of others or gain special treatment or favors for themselves, they should be condemned. I forget the exact quote and source, but it's been said that the beginning of the death of a democracy, not a republic, is when the people discover they can vote themselves largess from the national treasury.

The U.S. probably would have had a greatly reduced risk of being a victim of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism if we hadn't been pursuing an interventionist foreign policy all along. But since we did, we have to deal with the terrorism threat now. We have to be careful not to give up our freedoms for the perception of increased security.

I agree the LP platform needs work--efforts are underway to revise it to reflect transition and near-term goals, rather than a perfect libertarian utopia. Society generally changes slowly. Many of us may be politically naive, but we're working on becoming more politically savvy and serious as a political party.

There is probably too much intellectual integrity in the Libertarian Party if anything, not too little. I doubt that the intellectual principles of Republicans or Democrats can be expressed as succinctly as the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles in explaining all of the Republican or Democrat platforms and positions resulting in the current government morass we have now--witness the IRS code or CRS.


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