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Regular Guests
Colorado Pols also has two "regular guest" bloggers: Rebel Dem and Red Hawk, and an "irregular" guest blogger, Lefty Rivera.

A suburban dad trapped in a corporate office tower by day, Rebel Dem spends the rest of his time dissecting the GOP's unholy matrimony to religious extremists. In a previous life, Rebel Dem served as a mouthy "hill rat" in Washington, DC only to be reincarnated as a know-it-all campaign hack in Colorado, some years later. Rebel Dem owns an aging canoe and hates country music, mini vans and eminent domain.

Red Hawk is a Fiscal and Social Conservative who became involved in politics during college and for over 10 years has been involved in all levels of politics, both within and outside of Colorado. Fundamentally she considers herself a Hard Core Activist and admires the political work of folks like Wadhams, Atkinson, Brown, Short, Williams and Murphy...all while simultaneously respecting the hard work displayed by the ‘other side,’ especially during the last election cycle. She likes the 700 Club, Focus on the Family newsletters and the quarter games at Chuck ‘E Cheese.

A decorated combat veteran, Lefty Rivera is also a veteran of the political wars, having worked in politics since the late '80s - from the courthouse all the way to the White House. He's happily married, with a black lab making for a merry trio. Rivera lives in the headquarters of the anti-SpongeBob coalition, otherwise known as Colorado Springs.

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