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Great. Does this mean we are done with Tancredo in Colorado? Andrews for Congress to take his place?


Please, oh, please, oh, please.

If he runs I'll sing "We are Family" naked at the Obama Richardson inauguration.

Alva Adams

Remember that even if he does run, as long as he doesn't win the nomination he can still run for re-election to congress.

James Peabody

We're going to start the "Draft Tom" effort right here in Colorado just to see Ralph have to live up to his promise and sing naked. Then again, we might want to hold off on that plan...

Tancredo is out-there enough to look at a Presidential race - even one with absolutely no chance of winning - as an opportunity to raise his voice nationally on immigration. He doesn't have to worry about planning or preparing to get re-elected in 6 and can phone in that election. He could spend most of his time and effort traveling the country and railing against illegal immigrants from the very loud platform of the Republican primaries.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but remember who we're talking about here.


The only argument better than not seeing me naked is the goofy chance Tancredo might win. Still, I'm willing to risk it.


Anyone else hearing rumors that he doesn't want to run for re-election and John Andrews is expecting to run?

Alva Adams

If Tancredo doesn't run for re-election, don't be surprised if Mike Coffman runs for that seat instead of Governor, especially given the indications that Marc Holtzman is going to steamroll his way to the Governor nomination.

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