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Ah, Dennis, with the eyes of heavy mind
I see thy glory like a shooting star
Fall to the base earth from the firmament.
Thy sun sets weeping in the lowly west,
Witnessing storms to come, woe and unrest.
Thy friens are fled to wait upon thy foes,
And crossly to thy good all fortune goes.


Richard II aside, I believe Dennis' problem is 1) He is not an administrator and has never really supervised people (and, God knows, doesn't want to); 2) He is essentially a political animal who has slithered and writhed through the vicious and uncompromisingly unforgiving machinations of North Denver Democrats and, unfortunately, applies the same offense/defense (survival tactics) he's used in North Denver politics to those -- including Denver's City Council -- whom, probably don't deserve it; and, 3) He's let his political staff pretty much call the shots in his present position. His staff convinced him that reorganizing his present office in order to get rid of several long-time, competent, effective employees simply to assure he remained politically "comfortable," was a huge mistake and, incidentally, has resulted in a law suit from those dismissed employees. As to the possibility of his run for State Treasurer. As I said, he is essentially a political animal and if his aspirations do not include the Denver mayor's chair, then I wouldn't rule him out for the State Treasurer run. He has the luck of the Irish behind him and, so far, that's proven pretty potent.


This Dennis Gallagher should be glad he isn't in the shoes of New York City Councilman Dennis Gallagher.

Long a divisive figure in his own community, the councilman is now facing a ten count indictment for rape.


It's not easy being Dennis Gallagher.


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