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Alva Adams

Here's a line we never thought we'd write:

"We do feel strongly that it is always a PR mistake to attack a cartoon character."

Yes, we do feel a bit silly.


Aren't sponges asexual?

This whole thing has disturbed me tremendously. I am certain I could have lived my entire life blissfully ignorant if I didn't have to even contemplate the sexuality of a cartoon character.

Plus I can't get the term "sponge spooge" out of my head and that disturbs me even more.


It's a tactical mistake on Dobson's part to take on this issue.

It's a greater mistake to dismiss his stance as "going after a cartoon character." Dobson's message can't be any plainer: "There are those in society who want to teach your children not to hate gay people and that's dangerous to our way of thinking."

Dobson neglects to say how he thinks his listeners should teach their children to treat gay people. He also neglects to say how his listeners should behave toward the gay members of their own families.

This is a dangerous and divisive message.

Alva Adams

We understand what his message is, but you have to consider that the only thing anyone is going to remember about this is that "Dobson attacks SpongeBob." That's the soundbyte, and it makes him look silly. Ask someone next Friday what they remember about this, and they'll say that Dobson complained that SpongeBob was gay. Nobody will remember why, and nobody will know what his point was. That's the reality of the situation he has created for himself.

You can't take out one piece of a post and make it out to be the entire message. There is a bigger picture here regarding the harmful perception that Dobson has created for himself and for Focus on the Family. What his real message is, and whether he is right or not, is not what we are arguing (which is why we put the italics disclaimer in there - read it before you go off). This is a disastrous PR move that will not soon be forgotten; what he meant to say is irrelevant in our argument.

norman leahy

As someone who has been away from Colorado Springs since 1988 (a CC grad -- please don't hate me), I have to say that the Dobson episode makes me wonder just what in the hell has happened to the place. It used to be just a quite little military town...now, it's home to the tin-foil hat brigade. Jeebus, get Dobson to Murphs right away -- he needs a beer and a pickled egg.

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