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I don't really get the fuss over the cost of the inauguration either.

Where the money is coming from is another story. Many of the big private donors stand to reap big benefits from legislation proposed for Bush's second term.

Those reliable lefties at Mother Jones have the details:

James Peabody

It's a fair question to raise how private donors to an inaugural committee stand to benefit from the policies of an administration. And it's great there are organizations shining a light on the current inauguaral committee and its donors (thanks for the link, Joe), just as was done with past Committees following the same federal rules and regulations in regards to such entities.

However, for Democrats to act like this is a major outrage doesn't pass the smell test. This is especially true since last time we checked, the Democratic Party, its candidates and the 527s associated with the party weren't turning away money from corporate America or special interests looking for access and help with their specific cause or issue. If people don't believe this, just check out recent statements from local Union officials as to what they expect the Democratic Majority in the legislature to do for them. That's the way the game is played, and to pretend otherwise is ridiculous.

We're not advocating you have to pure in politics - that would take all the fun out of it - but we are going to flag hypocritical behavior by either side when we see it.

Joshua Sharf

Good post. "Not One Dime Day" is probably being promoted by the same Dems who want to make Kool Aid available on Sunday...

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