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Why not Penfield Tate for this post. The job basically involves issuing bonds, I know his political aspirations aren't over. He's served on the budget committee, he's worked as a muncipal bond lawyer, he's handled finances for redevelopment projects, and not to put too fine a point on it, lots of non-Denver people who might be concerned that the wouldn't agree with him on non-budgetary issues might have no problem with him as auditor. He could eaisly have cross-over appeal in much the way that Salazar did.

James C. Hess

Another Romer in public office? No,thank you.

Roger Dalkins

I hear (though not directly from him) that Gallagher is actually taking a look at treasurer. I thought maybe it was all rumor, but I hear that he has been contacted by some folks who would like him to run and he is not dismissing the idea.

This blog is apparently making the rounds of politicos in the state and this posting prompted some of them to follow up with Gallagher in a positive way.

It was from some of them that I heard this, and who directed me to this website. Sorry I had not been here before and seen this when it was originally posted.

I'll be back.

Alva Adams

Thanks for thinking of us.

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