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Does the bug guy know?
Wellington Webb -- did he gut punked by Chris Gates and Paul Lhevine or what?
For weeks they have been telling all that would listen that their play was to use Webb as a stalking horse so that they could be players on ballots two and later --
That is probably why the most basic things == patching things up with DeGette, reaching out to the Gay Community nationally that had such a good relationship with and had honored Webb was never done -- had those two played it straight Chrissy could have been a vicd-chair -- and while the big guy does not have the juice he once had if he ever figures out he was betrayed he can still extract some revenge -- all in all three Jokers got what they deserved -- Mike Miles could not have scripted it better -- betch Paulie and Chrissy are already on the pnone to Dean claiming Webbs endorsement was their doing

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