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The answer is no, Peggy Lamm is not that candidate.

Alva Adams

Yeah, but who is?

The problem with 7 is that there aren't a lot of Dem options - Lamm may not end up being the best candidate, but she might very well be the only one.

The best possible candidates don't want to run. State Senator Sue Windels has reportedly been approached, but said no. Former State Senator Ed Perlmutter is said to be considering it, but he's nobody to get excited about (he's "considered" running twice before and decided against it, and it would have been easier twice before).

Lamm may not be great for the Dems, but she can't do worse than Dave Thomas. Theoretically, anyway.


This has got to be a Republican joke.

Lamm is at best a flyweight, with a fondness for Republican cowboys from Leadville. Just ask her former legislative colleagues. Oh yeah, name one piece of serious legislation she authored.

Then there was the distinguished service on the CU "independent" commission examining the CU Sex Assault/recruiting scandal. A better billet for a party girl?

Let's remember Lamm is viewed as many as quitter for not serving out a full complement of terms once elected....
(and her getting her elected was not cheap)

Likely, Republicans would pick her apart like a Josie Heath or a Dottie Lamm, both big time Emily list faves that met faint applause from Colorado voters.

While carpetbagger Beauprez managed to escape his Boulder County taint, don't expect Lamm to be able to.

And lastly, Rutt. He's 0-for-what with ballot issues? Who can forget that slightly pathetic image of him sitting like a fish out of water at last year's D state convention, after his soundly rejected effort to trash the caucus system. Rutt just politically tone deaf-- and he pushes Lamm, expect a backlash from party activists, liberals and progressives.

Let's burn some more D money in CD7! Woo hoo! Early money. Yeast! Just plain Goofy!

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