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This may produce negative ads against Republicans, but it will hurt the Dems more. The D's ran entirely on balancing the budget and job creation in '04. As they continue to get businesses to buy in to their TABOR fix, employers are getting backhanded at the capitol. Who is going to measure the success of this regulation on business? With no business support for their ballot initiative, the D's will again have to call on the Fab Four.

Looking to 2006, employers will remember that the R's stood their ground amid potential election backlash to allow the employers to make their own decisions as they govern their own business. The R's recognize that employers know that happy workers equal productive employees. They don't need a college professor with a felxibile schedule to tell them that.

Alva Adams

Politics is soundbytes, and more people have families than own businesses. I see what you're saying, but which is stronger and hits a nerve with more people:

Republicans choose business over families.

Democrats choose families over business.

Colorado Hack

Nobody cares about this issue, and no, this will not end up on mail pieces. This isn't a driving issue, and R's won't suffer from it.


Wow. Colorado Pols just loves to pimp this particular meme. I guess it's an itch that needs constant scratching.

"I see what you're saying, but which is stronger and hits a nerve with more people"

We certainly know your bias.. er.. how it hits your nerve.


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