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I would say that Udall's stock is in a freefall. "This indecision's killin' me." Also, that was a bad loss yesterday in the Colorado House. One Democratic vote could have killed McKinley's bill to require a warning at Rocky Flats and Udall couldn't muster that. That doesn't bode very well.


Hickenlooper clearly wants to run for Governor, but is afraid that appearing too ambitious or too preoccupied with it will hurt his jail campaign in the spring.

Look for him to play the reluctant debutante only to have his pal Chris Gates step in and form a Draft John movement. That way, Hick can have his cake and eat it to. He gets the nomination without appearing to seek it.

It is the kind of strategy that both he and Gates are good at. Hick plays the "aw shucks I'm not really a politician" pretty well, but don't let anyone be fooled - this guy is a master politician and a manipulator from way back.

Fitz-Gerald would undoubtedly like to take Mark Udall's Congressional seat if it opens up. However, a lot of folks think she should look at the Secretary of State race. As a former county clerk of Jefferson county she brings the right credentials.


It is worth noting that Miles is the hometown boy in Fremont County.

Also, if Pena is doing better than Hickenlooper in the poll, despite the fact that Pena had a somewhat controversial run as Mayor marked by a DIA debacle (I suspect that many in Fremont conty recall him as Secretary of Transporation rather than as Denver Mayor), while Hickenlooper has done nothing to offend anyone and been incredibly effective, this does show that Hickenlooper is not yet ripe for a statewide run.

Since Romanoff is unlikey to run, Udall belongs at the top of the heap.

Alva Adams

The Democratic field depends entirely on Hickenlooper, which we'll outline more in a few days. Things have clarified a little as to what's going on in that regard.

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