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Ter Ducken

And Peggy Lamm is now thinking about running for congress. Isn't she on the bighorn staff with Rutt? Some team he's assembled over there. Very loyal.


How is Hefley punishing DeLay by running for statewide office? Other than Jesse Jackson's seat, it's probably the safest in the country. DeLay wouldn't spend $1 to defend that seat. Meanwhile, Hefley faces a tough statewide test and is out of DeLay's hair.

Why does Hickenlooper never move down? DPS Chief resigning? Bar raids? Nothing ever shakes your confidence in him.

Alva Adams

Hefley isn't punishing anyone, because a Republican is going to hold that seat either way. It's a matter of whether or not Hefley is just tired of being beaten up in Congress by his own party - tired enough to say "The hell with this!" and move on. It would be his own decision for his own reasons if he ran.

As for Hickenlooper - read the post again and your question should be answered. DPS resignation? Bar raids? It doesn't matter. None of these things would trump his name ID and personal wealth in a Governor's race.

Hick is holding the cards, not because we want him to, but because that's how it is. It's not our desire to put Hick on top - the Democrats are doing that on their own. If anything, Hick has gotten stronger in the last two weeks because every top Dem and their mother is backing off waiting for him.


Tancredo's seat in the 6th District is as safe as Hefley's, if not more so. If Tancredo, after everything he's done, can continue to get re-elected without breaking a sweat, I'd call that pretty darn safe. Imagine the slaughter a more regular Republican-type would inflict on the Democrats in that district.


Ralph makes a good point but Hefley ain't trying to punish DeLay -- he knows better. He will try to punish Owens, Beauprez and others who betrayed him in Colorado should he make a move -- as for Hick he don't move down because the others won't stand and fight him -- George H.W. Bush was at 91% Al Gore et.al. cowered and Clinton took him on and won -- hint hint


During the recent county leadership elections in my area and the annual CFRW Day at the Legislature I've heard alot of talk about the "McInnis for Governor" push that is growing around the state. Many political activists, disillusioned with Coffman and Holtzman, do not believe that either of them have the following or the wide spread bi-partisian appeal that McInnis has to win the Governor's race. I know a small group is forming to develop a grassroots effort for a potential bid by McInnis. I'm interested to see what develops, as I certainly consider McInnis a serious contender!

Alva Adams

Would McInnis be a serious contender? Absolutely. But the key word here is "WOULD," because as we've said all along, we don't think he'll run.

McInnis has some personal issues that would preclude a run, and he has potential skeletons in his political closet that are beyond garden-variety nicks in the resume. He's also making a LOT of money in his law firm job, and while not everything is rosy with his employment, anybody would have to think twice about giving up a salary of several hundred thousand dollars a year.

Why would he want to be governor? That's the issue for him - not why anyone else would want to be governor. Would it be worth juggling the rest of his personal issues? Who knows? But we'd be surprised if it were.

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