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Looks like Hick is off and running on your little poll! All jokes aside, as a guy who has always favored D's over R's, Hick is the most interesting candidate. From a purely partisan standpoint; His Honor is the candidate with the lowest risk and the highest potential reward. As I have already written, nobody questions he leads Dems' in the cache category. He very well may be popular enough to compete strongly in some of Denver's more conservative neighbors (like those CD's mentioned in the latest Update). And, should he lose, there is little doubt we will get another registered Democrat as Mayor of Denver. I still wonder if Hick would give up his Throne in the CC of D Building to move into the first floor digs in the Capitol Building across the park.

David Aitken

If you'll add "None of the Above", I'll vote.


Hick and Udall, at this point, have significantly greater representation on your poll. The R's aren't voting or don't read your blog. Why is that?

To be clear, I'm not questioning the authors, for their balance is generally evident. Just wondering why more R's don't read/respond when the opportunity is here.


Dave: Vote Crank Bacon.

Alva Adams

Actually, if you add up total votes there are as many if not more Republican votes overall - they're just split up more. When we checked there were 6 more Republican votes than Democratic votes.

Let's wait and see after Monday, however, when we'll have had the work computer visitors.

Donald E. L. Johnson

Interesting vote totals. I voted Coffman because I don't know Holtzman, and if the Dems chances of retaining the legislature as good as some say, I want a GOP gov to keep them in line.

The state government works best when both parties have a say.

The real story today is the WSJ's lead editorial, which blasts Gov. Owens for supporting efforts to weaken TABOR. Best commentary on the situation I've seen. With this editorial, is Ownes toast nationally?


Why do you guys keep saying that Bridges is waiting on Hickenlooper? It's Udall he's waiting on - am I the only person who read that story on him in the Post? Bridges said he'd support Udall 100% if he chose to run - a promise I don't expect him to back down from unless Udall waits until next year to announce his decision (something that wouldn't surprise me considering Udall's history of indecisiveness!).

Alva Adams

Because, as we've reported before, Rutt's staff has told people repeatedly that he is also waiting on Hickenlooper. There's more going on in this regard than just what you read in the paper.


What about Beauprez? He might still be on the radar.


I hear Norton just announced she's out?


Just called Jane Norton's office. They confirmed she's out.


Norton Out


“I have greatly enjoyed serving the people of Colorado over the last six years, four as Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and for the past two years as Lieutenant Governor. I look forward to serving with Governor Owens, the legislature, and other elected officials on behalf of all Coloradans over the next two years in my capacity as Lieutenant Governor. However, I will not be a candidate for Governor in 2006.”


Romanoff ahead of Fitz-Gerald? What a joke. Your list is very male domintated.


Very balanced numbers by my count. A good sign of your balance or just a good sign of the balance of your readers, either way noteworthy.

Phoenix Rising


Romanoff ahead of Fitz-Gerald because he somehow has better cache, and he's been the one out front on the TABOR reform.

If he gets the TABOR reform issue passed, he's going to have a lot of credit statewide.

Not saying that Romanoff is actually a better person for the job, just that he's got the pole position in state politics right now.

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