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Denver Hack

What about Andrew Romanoff for Mayor?


Hmmm... I think Bennett enjoys the "power behind the thrown" too much; the "gray eminence" thing. And, besides, Hick wouldn't know what the hell to do as Governor unless Bennett was sitting on his lap or ensconced in the back room.

Cole Finnegan's minions are -- in spite of Hick's commitment to bring a "business" sense to local government -- f--king up the city's purchasing system by layering it with lawyerly instrusion and, as a consequence, disrupting a system that has worked just fine for decades. Mayor Finnegan? Nope.

City Council President Elbra Wedgeworth is a fine lady with a good mind and a thorough understanding of local government. But, citywide support? Kinda shaky.

Mitch Morrissey? Geeeeeeeees... Let him at least get the DA chair warm...

What about Susan Barnes-Gelt or the Birkenstock lady, Sue Casey? Don Mares? Federico Pena?

It's interesting that Ol' Hick would even be considering a run for Governor. If it's power he's after, then Mayor of Denver is the place to be. If it's ego, then, yeah, I guess a run for Governor would be just the thing -- 'cause the Governor ain't got no power ... just a bully pulpit to spout bombast and bullshit.

Anyway, interesting speculation.


While your speculation may or may not be accurate, the spelling of the City Attorney's name is not. One 'n', Finegan.


Oh, Lord... Have I offended by mispelling Finnegan's ... ah, Finegan's last name? I seek forgiveness. (Although, I think two Ns looks better... More Irish, maybe.)


And, besides one N or two -- this guy needs a shave and a haircut! http://denvergov.org/City_Attorney/default.asp

Alva Adams

Sorry, we made the change.


Don't discount Morrissey because he's new to the DA seat. If all this Hickenlooper speculation is correct and he does run for Governor and wins, he probably wouldn't step down as Mayor until sometime late next year. By that time, Morrissey will have been DA for almost two years and would be an old-timer by political standards. Politics is about timing, and just as the argument about Hickenlooper taking advantage of the timing for Governor makes sense, the same argument holds for Morrissey running for Mayor in 2007. Why wait if there's an open seat, especially since he's already won city-wide??


Maybe Gerry Whitman should take a page out of Ari Zavaras' book and run... er..um... maybe not. My vote for mayor goes to Kiki Vanderweigh(sp?). Now that I think of it, he's probably a Reep, though.

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