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I think it is absolutely crazy to think for one second that Joel Hefley, a man of great morals and values, would switch parties because he didn't get a chairmanship. I am not sure where you got your facts on this one, but after a few calls to Allard's office, Owens office I think it is valid to say that your premise is way off. If you did a little research you would find out that Hefley and Hastert are close friends and while Hastert wanted to keep Hefley on, it was Joel who wanted to step down. Please get the facts straight.

Alva Adams

We think we have the facts straight. We're sticking by this one. What do you expect people to tell you when you call the office?

Alva Adams

And by the way - read the post. We went out of our way to say that Hefley would not likely switch parties. The GOP screwed Hefley big time, and now he's mad - as anyone from any party would be if the same thing happened to them.


Hefley being passed on the House Resources Chairmanship in favor of Pombo is old news. This happened at the beginning of the 108th Congress and hasn't been talked about, plus it was no surprise that Pombo got the nod. I support Hefley, but if you're reporting on this subject at least be timely.


I'm not sure if Colorado Pols are getting spun by nervous Republicans, but there was a call for facts, so let's take a look at them.

Fact #1: Hastert buried the whole affair by waiting until the day of the State of the Union to announce the shake-up of the Ethics Committee.

Fact #2: He removes Hefley from the committee along with Kenny Hulshof and Steve LaTourette.

Fact #3: Hefley was Chairman last year when the Comittee admonished DeLay and was outspoken on the attempts to change ethics rules.

Fact #4: Hulshof chaired the subcommittee that looked into DeLay, and LaTourette objected to the House Leadership's attempt to weaken ethics rules.

Fact #5: Hulshof and La Tourette's replacements? Lamar Smith and Tom Cole - two guys who contributed big sums to DeLay's legal defense fund.

Fact #6: Hulshof and LaTourette have both spoken out and said they feel the cahnges in the committee were the result of the work of the committee did last year (i.e. looking at DeLay).

If it looks like a purge, walks like a purge, sounds like a purge, it's a purge. Of course, it would be against Republican orthodoxy to say Hastert and DeLay had nothing but clean intentions in this whole sordid mess. I'm certain these changes and the way they were handled by the Speaker were just run of the mill things and there was absolutely no intention to clean-out the Ethics committee of Republicans with sense to think for themselves. Give me a break.

Stephen Swanson

You win. Man, I guess I really should read all the posts to a blog before I comment and look like an idiot.


Hefley -- big giver to GOP? HUGE warchest?
As of latest FEC filings, Hefley has a whopping $95k on hand, which places him nearly last in the entire House.

He contributed the massive sum of $12,000 to GOP candidates last cycle, including $10k to the NRCC. "Active" members are expected to do at least $25k and more likely $50k to the NRCC.

While I agree with you that Hefley got shafted by DeLay, and is hugely pissed at the Party right now, he is not, and never had been, a big donor or raiser for Repub candidates/causes. Which makes it all the easier to screw him over.


Time to put Hefley in the Governor's line.

Alva Adams

Don't forget that campaign committee funds aren't the only funds that politicians have - they're just the only thing you can look up.


FYI. I actually I talked to Jeff Crank, former Chief of Staff for Hefley, and once he stopped laughing about the post he called Hefley and asked asked him directly. I am not the kind of person who wnats to drop name, but I didn't exactly call the front desk and talk to the receptionist.

Alva Adams

Glad you cleared that up, except we never said Hefley would switch parties.

One more time...We didn't say that Hefley would switch parties. READ the post.

In fact, we said that it was not at all likely that he would. We did say that Hefley is pretty angry, and that his wife is not denying that he may be considering something like leaving the House to run for statewide office. We stand by what we said, and we don't need to defend ourselves over something we didn't say.

From the Associated Press:

(A) tribute was introduced by House Democrats, who said Hefley deserved better treatment. That brought tears to the eyes of Hefley's wife, state Rep. Lynn Hefley, R-Colorado Springs, who criticized Republicans in Congress. "Now you tell me, is it ethical to be bipartisan?" she asked.

You could have saved yourself some phone calls if you would have actually read what we wrote before you got so worked up.


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