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So, we may see Doug Bruce in Congress. Don't know what to think about that.


Bruce would never fly. It'll be an interesting match up between State Senator Doug Lamborn and Chamber of Commerce VP Jeff Crank, former Cheif of Staff to Hefley. I'm sure others will run too but those two are the top contenders. It'll be an interesting race.


Bruce may run, but he won't win; remember how Ron May defeated him several years ago. Jeff Crank would make a great candidate, as would Doug Lamborn. Don't rule out Lionel Rivera. Some other names that come to mind for running (but have less chance of winning) are Wayne Williams and Sallie Clark.

Who can you all think of for dark horse candidates? The primary race is going to be intense anyone, except Doug Bruce, really has a chance.

Alva Adams

Do you think there's any chance we could get Jeff Crank and Bob Bacon to run against each other? You know, just so we can say Crank Bacon over and over.


Congressional Candidate Crank Fries Bacon in Debate


The six degrees of Crank Bacon...


Lamborn is a true moron. He is a lousy public speaker and one of the dumber people you could meet. He would be a great, great opponent for any articulate opponent.


Well, appears that vbenares doesn't like Doug Lamborn all that much, doesn't sound like vb's ever met him either.

I still think that he could be a strong candidate, but the field is really wide-open at this point.


It would be interesting to hear what Alan Salazar thinks of this race?

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