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Colorado Hack

Mike Coffman, who was also there, said that--not Suthers. The Ft. Morgan Times screwed it up.

Alva Adams

That seemed the most logical answer to us, that the Times screwed up. Governor/AG - what's the difference? Coffman? Suthers? Same guy, right?


I talked to a couple people who were there and the reporter did confuse Suthers with Coffman. Even the "drunken sailors" joke that was attributed to Suthers was from Coffman (it has appeared regularly in his stump speech). That is the problem when interns fill in at the local papers.


Anyone who has been at a Republican event witht he Treasurer in the last four years knows apologizing to sailors for the comparison to the legislature is part of his standard stump.

Alva, I'm concerned that you didn't know that. Have you been to any of these events?

Oh, bye the way, last night the AG stated, again, that he formed a committee to run for AG in '06.


Everyone knows about Coffman's apology to sailors...its like Joe Rodger's old "there are no inflowing rivers to the State of Colorado..."

Alva Adams

Hey, we don't know everything. It just seems that way. :)

That reminds us of one that Mark Udall frequently tells: "I was in the (grocery store/shopping mall/insert business here) the other day, and I met a guy and told him I was running for congress. 'You'll have my support,' he said. 'You're much better than the guy who's in there now.'"


Alva - you know the democrat lines but don't know the republican lines. Nonetheless, I love your site.

Alva Adams

What's amazing about this is how terribly wrong the reporter was. This is like reporting not only the wrong score of a game, but the wrong TEAMS that played each other.


So I hear Hefley sent out a statement with a half-denial today... saying he has not formaly announced anything yet. But regardless, folks in El Paso are livid that the rumor is even being circulated. But as Ahhnold says - where there's smoke, there's fire.


Alva, you've made it big time!
Congressional response - I must say I'm impressed.

Colorado Hack

Here's the retraction from the Ft. Morgan Times: http://www.fortmorgantimes.com/Stories/0,1413,164%257E8315%257E2728871,00.html

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