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It's Lola Spradley.


Oh sweet God. Bruce could win too, but would the state GOP be crazy enough to let him?


Hillman,(although he would be great)is from Burlington and lives in the 4th CD, not the 5th. Also, you forgot to mention Sen. Lamborn, who is a more likely candidate, and would presumably be the front runner among the conservative base.


Wiens would never sell his Historic Ranch to move into the 5th... not even for a CD.


I have heard that Hillman has other interests.


Sorry, guys - you're tipping your hands... with such bad "on the ground" reporting, you show your political leanings. Lois? Lola? 4th? 5th? 6th? I'd suggest we keep the Republican List for the 5th to the viable: Lamborn, Crank, Williams and King.


Laura: I'm pretty sure Lola isn't anyone's "political leaning. They just spelled her damn name wrong, it's not Lois!

Donald E. L. Johnson

Hillman is toast with small businesses, because he screwed us on health insurance legislation (1164), which was backed by the big health insurance companies and Owens. Democrats haven't made hay on this one the way they should.

Anyway, far as I'm concerned, Hillman's as anti-small business as Owens and Coffman are, because of the passage of this bill, which ended community rating in this state and put every small business at tremendous risk of having to pay sharply higher premiums whenever an employee becomes seriously ill.

His political career should be over.

Alva Adams

One more time, since some of you refuse to actually read the post before you comment:

CANDIDATES DO NOT NEED TO LIVE IN THE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT IN ORDER TO RUN FOR CONGRESS. There is no requirement for residency for Congress like there is in local house and senate races.

Bob Beauprez didn't live in CD-7 when he ran, and by most accounts he doesn't live there now (though he does have a townhome in Arvada somewhere). Tom Wiens wouldn't have to sell his ranch. He wouldn't even have to move, though more likely he would just buy a cheap condo or townhome in the district and call it his primary residence.

Mark Hillman has made calls in inquiry into CD-5. We can tell you that for sure.

Alva Adams

Laura, you caught us. Whenever we misspell a name, it isn't an accident - it's a tip of our liberal leanings on the subject. If we misplace a comma, it means that we lean conservative on that issue. If we use a semicolon, it means we're a bunch of pinko commies. Seemingly innocent grammatical errors are actually carefully calculated codes to indicate our intent.

Gimme a break. Some of you guys need to relax and stop picking over every letter we write as if there's some hidden meaning.

Besides, I don't know how you can make the leap that misspelling someone's name indicates our bias. The only point of this post was to show how many Republicans were looking at the race; it's far too early to have a calculated opinion on any of them, no matter who you are.


Wow, Don. Are you a single issue guy or what? How can Hillman be anti-small business? He is a small business owner. Besides, both CACI and NFIB supported 1164.

Now you may be upset about one particular provision in this bill that may have increased your "risk," but I would venture that Hillman voted with small businesses 99% of the time. That year he sponsored HB-1007, putting caps on medical malpractice suits and worked hard to get rid of the business personal property tax. Are you opposed to these to?

"His career should be over" because he sponsored a successful bill that passed with bipartisan support. Come on, Don. At least get a scapegoat that fits.

By the way, my vote for the 5th goes to Lynn Hefley.


Yep... guess I "caught ya"... :-)



On the topic of partisan misspelling, isn't it Federico Pena, not Frederico?

Alva Adams

You're right. We're having a hell of a week.

Donald E. L. Johnson

I was on the CACI Health Care Competition Committee (the health insurance industry financed and dominated committee) while 1164 was being debated. CACI sacrified small business on that bill because Bill Owens wanted the bill and CACI had other fish to fry with Owens. NFIB, if I remember correctly, only came around at the last minute, if it did at all. I think Tim Jackson actually ended up opposing the bill, but I don't remember. Ask him.

Nothing Hillman can do or has done can make up for his strong support for the most anti-small employer and anti-consumer health care bill passed in the last 10 years in this state. Hillman is a smart guy, writes well and plays politics with skill, and, in this case, he put his party and political career ahead of his fellow small business people and the heath care consumers of Colorado. The passage of that bill made me realize that the GOP is not the party of small business. Yes, I voted straight GOP in the last election, but Hillman and Owens weren't running in my district in '04.

There's nothing scapegoat about this. This is about being jilted by your party, one that you've supported financially and otherwise for years. The sad thing is that few small business people really understand how they've been had by the state GOP.

Chris Stine

When was the last time that someone moved into El Paso County just to run for Congress and won? Answer: It has never happened, because the El Paso County Republicans wouldn't pick a carpetbagger as their candidate for a Congressional race (maybe something smaller though). Wiens Bankruptcies wouldn't help his race either.
Jeff Crank and Doug Lamborn are the likely contenders.


Don, I appreciate your concern for small business, since I work for a small business. However, to say that the GOP has left small business based on this bill is unfair.

It is troubling to see big business and small business at odds with each others interests. That said, the GOP is truly striving to create a more competitive and welcoming business climate. Look at what is happening with the worker's comp issue. The D's in power will make this more expensive for employers, especially small businesses that can't afford attorney's fees or don't have protections from people gaming the system. Sit tight, bang the drum when they stray and continue to push for a business climate that supports entrepreneurs and businesses. Take the bills that you support and see which party is backing them with you. Is there any doubt which party that is going to be?

Sorry this doesn't fit under the title.

Colorado Hack

One minor thing...

Beauprez bought the house in Arvada before he had actually announced, so technically, he was an Arvada resident when his name first appeared on a ballot in 2002.


I heard that former Fremont County Commissioner Joe Rall is considering a run for the 5th Congressional or State Treasurer. He's a small business owner, an Action22 activist, and a fighter. His lovely wife is the Fremont County Republican Chair. What do you think?


I think that Jow Rall would have a shot, though for someone like him to win, he would have to announce VERY early...like now.

Remember, when Howard Dean announced for President, he was first and ridiculed (and had less than 5% support). He kept at grassroots politics, raised some money and was at EVERY possible event. In the end, he almost won the nomination and is now DNC chair.

There are countless examples. But, for someone who is a lesser known political figure to have a decent shot, they have to be the first in the race and they have to announce when it seems way too early.


I have heard a rumor that General Ritchie (the only living fighter ace or something like that) is considering a bid.

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