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Mr. Holtzman --
Congrats on the decision to run. As a US
Citizen born in Russia I applaud your work in Eastern Europe.
1. Who have you hired so far for your campaign staff?
2. How many counties have you visited
Thank you


Mr. Holtzman: Thank you for the participating in the Q&A and for taking readers' questions and comments. It's good to see a candidate for Governor focused on interacting with people as well as raising money at this early stage.

What's your take on the flap at CU over Ward Churchill's comments, which many politicians have already commented on? And, looking at things in more of political way, do you see potential for your opponents to mine the writings and comments of DU profs during your tenure and try to tie you in a negative way to any controversial statements?
Thank you and best of luck.

Mike Huffman

mr holtzman--

do you think you are in a disadvantage in a primary since mike coffman has been courting republican voters for years to run for governor? how will you overcome that? thanks for doing this - i think it's great


Mr. Holtzman,

I apologize for asking another TABOR question, but TABOR is clearly a major issue in the state. Feel free to pass if you would rather.

You said that most of those with plans to change TABOR have hidden agendas to grow government. I was wondering whether you fundamentally object to the idea of the state keeping a consistent percentage of the overall state economy. It makes sense to me to have state funding set at a responsive baseline, and then ask voters' approval for any additional changes. Government would grow, but only as much as our state and its needs grow.



With all your experience: from working under President Reagan, to heading an investment banking firm in the former Soviet controlled nations, to orphanages in Eastern Europe and now finally being President of the University of Denver. What do you feel is the most poignant experience that encapsulates why Colorado is your home now and why Colorado needs you at the helm?

Thank you and Good Luck!


Are you now or have you ever been a Raiders fan?


Marc Holtzman

Question #1
As mentioned above, it is too early to hire campaign staff.

I have visited all 64 counties.

My years in Eastern Europe and Russia from 1989-97 were enormously inspiring and exciting. I had the privilege of witnessing the collapse of communism, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the economic, social and political transformation of one tenth of the world’s population.

Question #2
Mr. Churchill’s comments were utterly despicable. While academic tenure was designed to protect freedom of speech, Mr. Churchill must be held accountable for his words that fly in the face of reality. There is no place in our society for self-hating Americans who would use our democratic system to try to plant the seeds of our own destruction.

Question #3
Thank you for your kind comment. I look forward to taking my message and vision to all the voters of Colorado. As I mentioned in the Q&A, an outside view can often be refreshing and positive. There are not many people who would say that Mayor Hickenlooper’s lack of elective office has compromised his ability to be an effective mayor of Denver. Mike Coffman is a close friend who has a long and distinguished career which I respect. Primary elections can be a healthy process to produce the best nominee.

Question #4
TABOR in fact does place a cap on the rate of growth of government to a formula of population growth plus inflation. When a family faces a budget crisis and must cut back, this is just simple economics. Why should our government not be required to behave in the same manner?

Question #5
I am grateful every day that I chose Colorado as my home. The generosity and kindness of our people, the beauty of our land and environment and the special frontier spirit all combine to make this the most unique place on the earth. I feel passionately about the issues which I mentioned in the Q&A. There can be no more noble an endeavor than public service and trying to make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.


Are you going to ask Bill Owens to campaign with you?


What in your life do you feel has prepared you the most for the job of Governor?


how do you prepare yourself and your family for the inevitable public and personal criticism you'll face in running for statewide office? i think it would be hard to not take it personally.

Marc Holtzman


I am certain that Governor Owens will support the Republican nominee.


Do you think your failed appointment as CSU president will be much of an issue for you? I think people may not remember it all that well, but how do yhou deflect those questions if they come?

Marc Holtzman

Round 2!

Question # 1
The answer to this question runs deeper than anything that you might find on a resume or any listing of professional accomplishments. Rather, I would answer by pointing to all that my family has given me as the best and most fundamental preparation for any position of leadership. My grandparents came to this country approximately one hundred years ago to build a better life. My parents have always instilled in me profound respect for the values of personal integrity and service to others. My family is the cornerstone of who I am. These values go to the heart and are indeed the foundation of everything I have accomplished in life. The best preparation for the challenge of any leadership position, whether CEO, University President or Governor is to draw from one’s own experiences. In my life, I have been blessed to observe on a first hand basis my mentor and hero, Ronald Reagan. President Reagan inspired me to public service and demonstrated what a great leader, guided by principle could accomplish.

Question #2
In this age, too few good people are willing to step into public life. The issues facing Colorado today are sufficiently important to justify the price that public life entails. The satisfaction and honor of serving are worth that sacrifice.

Question #3
I don't think it is an issue. Those who objected to my nomination as President of CSU seemed most concerned about the governor's enthusiasm towards my candidacy. CSU President Larry Penley is doing an excellent job and we enjoy a close friendship. Together, we are working closely to improve higher education in Colorado.

Diane Wengler

Marc Holtzman would bring Colorado onto the international stage.

Paula Hapeman

I have been one of the most fortunate people to have worked directly with Marc nearly 20 years ago when he lived in Pennsylvania and was making a run for Congress in 1986. Marc is, by far, the most admirable person I have ever met in my life. He is extremely knowledgeable in everything, and one of the most dedicated people I have ever met in my life! He would make a great Governor! Best of luck Marc! I know you can do it! Paula

Bob Balink

President Holtzman,

Will you be emphasizing your international government, your business experience, and your years of experience as Colorado's first-ever Secretary of Technology in your campaign for Governor?

It seems that you are uniquely qualified to bring tremendous worldwide focus to Colorado as it's Governor thereby creating many new jobs for the talented and highly educated job force we know exists in the Centennial State.

Thanks for offering yourself for public service.


What is your position on the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage? Do you think Gays should have equal rights, including the right to marry?

Donald E. L. Johnson

I also would like to know what the candidate and other candidates think about the state and federal governments' roles in end-of-life decisions and whether they think Colorado's or federal laws need to be changed.

If so, how?

Again, why aren't the papers asking these questions?

Tony Pares

Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

Alva Adams

The Marc Holtzman Q&A was months ago. I wouldn't expect any answers from Mr. Holtzman at this point.

Wayne Wathen

I don't know much about Marc except that you oppose the referendums and that we must continue to cut back which seems to be the only solution I have seen. So I assume you are talking about cutting back on education, protecting the poor, protecting the environment, maintenance of roads. That doesn't seem like much of a solution to me. If folks barely have enough to eat, which foods do you suggest they cut back on? If they can barely make their house payments or rent what do you suggest they cut back on? I don't see your opposition to the referendums very helpful to the citizens of Colorado except maybe Jon Caldera.

Sharon J. Schmid (on behalf of Atty. Steve Urbanski)

President Holtzman,

Good Afternoon. I am writing on behalf of Attorney Stephen Urbanski who is currently vacationing in your area this week and interested in meeting with you, if possible. If you wouldn't mind, please email me to touch base, or feel free to call Steve on his mobile phone at: 570-417-1179. I know he would look foward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Sharon J. Schmid
Urbanski & Urbanski Law Firm
575 Pierce Street
Suite 500
Riverside Commons
Kingston, PA 18704

Raven Betina Rudduck

Mr. Hotzman:

What are your views on gun control? Glad to know that support Tabor. Need help with your campaign?


John Wayne

if you want to get elected.
Stop the South Americans.
Stop them getting hired.
Stop the gays
Stop anymore Gun Control
Stop C & D
I am old enough to remember that abortion will happen, legal or not.
Stop the slab east of 470.
Thank You


There are thousands of business in Colorado that are not paying one cent for taxes. I researched the tax records of several towns and found many not paying anything.

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