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Gail  Rothstein Forstater

Dear Mr. Holzman,
I am quite amazed at the journey you have taken thus far(since day school). I congradulate you.
Tell me what your biggest draw in the political world is now. You know our country and world needs the wisest of leaders...there is much work to be done..So I do wish you the best.
Have you heard from Phlip H.? I would like to be able to contact him too.
all my best,

Tucker Krauth

Mr. Holtzman:

Where do you stand on the Republican Culture of Corruption? Are you for illegal wars, treason, and looting the US treasury, or will you stand with America against the BushCorp war criminals?

Whether Democrat or Republican, Coloradans everywhere have grown extremely tired of the larceny and corruption in Washington. Would you give Colorado a square deal, and actually work for the people, or are you just another bought-and-paid-for Tom DeLay clone?

Please Advise.

Yours Sincerely,
Tucker Krauth
Lyons, CO

Ken Stutzman

Hi Mark,

I've been contacted 3 times by the following phone number wanting me to take your survery 571-522-1322. I'm on Colorado's no call list, so please remove me from your list.

Ken Stutzman

Bryanov Brocksky

This nimrod had a computer robot call my house at 8:29PM on March 7, 2006. My young duaghter was sleeping and I had just turned the lights down and turned on a John Tesh CD to romance my woman. I think he might be trying to form a robot army to oppress the people and keep us from breeding! DO NOT VOTE FOR ROBO-Holtzman.

Jennifer Platt

Yet another political candidate who cannot count! The automated survey Marc Holtzman sent to interrupt my day and serve his needs for being noticed said it would take 15 seconds. Three minutes later I was still being manipulated towards his narrow minded viewpoints by despicable (Marc, I know you like that word) leading questions. Well, you directed me to this website, so here are some questions for you:

How long have you lived in Colorado? And what makes you believe that with such a short experience here you are entitled to direct policies for this state?

What exactly was your connection to President Reagan? Since Rumsfeld, Cheney, and former President Bush also all got together in that administration (which created Saddam Hussein's military strength), are you possibly just a plant to support their illegal wars, backwater policies and financial pets, like Halliburton?

Are you, like they are, someone who so despises America that you are willing to use your highly remunerated "public service" position to provide the poor with no options but military service, and to provide the people with nothing but lies and corruption?

Are you throwing gasoline on the fires of bigotry and chauvinism, promoting hate and separation, by your policies denying people health care and education, denying people financial protection, denying us all clean environments and accountable industrialism?

Are you hoping to undermine the freedom won by women for their own reproductive health? Is this one of your altruistic inspirations? Or is it the profitable strategy of your campaign financiers?

Look, as you say, all you really have are ideas. But I don't think they're valuable ones. Please, go to some other state and run for governor there. We've had enough set backs here in our beloved home of Colorado.

Seth Martin

I know from the phone survey that I took that you want to make sure that the schools spend at least 60% of their budgets in the classroom. I think this is a great idea. Right now, about 50% of the budget goes to transporation alone. How are you going to get the schools to spend that much money in the classroom, without compromising transportation?


Hey Holtzman:

Did you know that all the employees at DNR cheered and had a party when you quit?

Why do you think you would make a good governor when you were a complete screwup at DNR?

How much money did you get kicked back to you from your consultant pals who did the crappy job at DNR?


Mr. Holtzman,

I would like to see someone represent our state with high sense of ethics and ideals. I for one would like for someone to step up to the plate and take care of the Columbine families who have been victimized by the Colorado Legislative system. Did you know that of the hundreds of thousands RESPECT LIFE plates, none of the money raised went to the families of the Columbine tragedy??? Did you know that the state told them that the money had already been spent and that people had to donate above and beyond the $25.00 fee to get the families any compensation??? This was misrepresentation to the general public and a slap in the face to these families. I would like this situation to be made right for these families and to hundreds of thousands of us who purchased the plates with the understanding that the money was benefitting this community.

Additionally, I am so tired of the Democrat vs Republican jargon. It would be nice to have a non-partisan Governor who would look out for the best interest of all families in Colorado and not just their own political agenda. (Hint, I am a registered Republican).

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Coe

Have you ever been married? Do you have any children?

What is your position on abortion and gay rights issues?

Merl Sorensen

So far it appears to me that this race is being run by a bunch of 7th graders from several candidates. This latest effort by Ms. Mendenhall is a classic example, only minimized by Maloory's comment about "our girls.....beat up the boys" Pretty stupid from both of them. BTW, I am not a supporter of any candidate at this point. I'm waiting for an adult campaign to step up.


Where are you campaign funds coming from. It seems you have commercials every hour on the hour on the radio and frequently on TV, railing on the incompetancy of Bob Bopreau. This costs a lot of money and would like to know who is paying the bills. Also would like to know your stance on unions.


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