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You served in the military during the Gulf War --
Were you behind enemy lines before the start of the conflict?
What exactly did you do in Iraq/Kuwait? Will any of your compatriots campaign for you? Most importantly will you sign a release authorizing the complete and total release of all of your military files including your record of servicei n Iraq?

Ter Ducken


I think it's really cool that you're doing this. My question is, with you and Holtzman both running on the republican side, why do you think no Democrat has gotten in the race yet?

Thanks again and good luck to you.

Colorado Luis

I've heard rumors that you are one of the increasingly rare pro-choice Republicans, which in my opinion would be a plus for you should you become the GOP nominee. So I have these specific questions:

1. Do you believe Roe v. Wade should be repealed?

2. Should abortion be illegal under some or any circumstances? If so, what circumstances?


Mr. Treasurer, during some of your stump speeches you mentioned that you started a small business. Can you elaborate on the nature of this business? Thanks and good luck.



As a Republican who will be voting in the primary, why should I pick you?

Thanks and good luck.


Where do you stand on the family leave bill that just passed the senate?


Are you now or have you ever been a Nebraska Cornhusker fan?

Mike Coffman

Thanks for your questions. It’s great to see this format gaining in popularity.

1) I volunteered to return to active duty and served in the 2nd Light Armored Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Marine Division. I was a part of an operation that spent three consecutive days inside of Kuwait before the main ground attack. Our mission was to conduct both a reconnaissance-by-fire operation as well as to be a part of a deception operation. The reconnaissance-by-fire part of our mission was to get the Iraqi Army to fire their artillery at us and thereby expose their positions. Once identified, the artillery batteries were targeted for destruction via artillery and air missions.

The second part of our mission was to deceive the Iraqi military into thinking that we were the lead element for the main ground attack into Kuwait causing them to focus their forces in the wrong direction. We met with only sporadic artillery, mortar and rocket propelled grenade fire for the three days. Once the ground attacked breached the Iraqi lines, the Iraqi soldiers to our front began to surrender in mass. After the end of hostilities, my unit remained in Kuwait City, until rotating back to the states in April.

2) I can’t really speak for the Democrats—maybe Chris Gates can shed some light on the subject during his Q&A.

3) I am on record—and that position has not changed—of believing in the value and sanctity of human life, especially those that cannot speak for themselves.

4) For sixteen years I owned a small property management business based in Aurora, which I sold shortly after my election as State Treasurer.

5) Joe, this race is about leadership. It’s about who can create and implement a positive vision that puts Colorado and Coloradans first. I’m the only candidate in the race with the proven leadership and proven experience to move Colorado forward.

6) As a former small business owner, I know first hand how government mandates and bureaucracy work against the engine that drives our economy forward. Government regulations over business should only exist to ensure a safe workplace, protect consumers and stimulate competition.

7) I’m a CU alum—go Buffs!


i'm curious. what do you do when you run for a big office at this point in the campaign. november 2006 is so far away. what kind of things do you do now?


Mr. Coffman,

I am still uncertain if your recorded stance is either pro-life or pro-choice.


Do you think Colorado will have a third-party candidate elected governor within the next 25 years?


Treasurer Coffman:

Thanks for making yourself available in this format.

This site continues to push the idea that if John Hickenlooper ran for Governor, he'd wipe out all comers. I think that's open to some huge debate, but I guess they think his strength is name recognition and a very pro-business approach. If a Democrat like Hickenlooper ran and attempted to take away the traditional Republican business base, how would you combat that in a campaign?



thank you for your response -- will you sign a release allowing the press and public full and complete access to 100% of your military files?

Mike Coffman

1) The most important priority for me is to build momentum for the campaign, which means fundraising and building grassroots support. Unfortunately, with the current campaign finance laws, to mount a successful campaign you need to start raising money early in the process.

2) I am a Pro-Life Republican.

3) Well, as a Republican, I hope the GOP holds the Governor’s office for the next 25 years and beyond.

4) I think it’s too early to start talking about campaign strategy. John is off to a good start in Denver, and I am encouraged by the progress he has made with the city. Ultimately, I believe that this race is going to come down to leadership for Colorado, and I am the only candidate in the race with the proven leadership and experience to move all of Colorado forward.

5) Yes.

April Smith

Mr. Coffman,

This is really nice of you to make yourself so available. My question is

How long have you been planning to run for governor?

Thanks Again!

Ken Yersin

Dear Mike:

If by chance you are elected the Gov. would willing to be a friend of the rural library system, which Gov. had some kind of personal vandetta with when it came to funding. And are you aware that Colorado of the the few states in the union which does not help fund the state library system?

On another note.........with your outstanding knowledge of state finanicing you must be somewhat offended by the Govs. choice of Mark Hillman for State Treasurer who as little or knowledge to hold such of high responsibility.

Or does this hust prove that if your a good "water boy" someday you will get your policital appointment?
Yours truly,
Ken Yersin
Burlington, CO 80807

Marines for Truth

Mike Coffman is the first in the 6th CAG to get fired and replaced due to his own neglegence and self absorption! He slept through the turnover, through meetings with the the Iraqi Governor or the Al Anbar Province and embarrased U.S. and the Asst. Deputy Commander USMC in key meetings to discuss the elections process and progress. Mike Coffman asleep at the wheel while fellow Marines struggle to bring democracy to Iraq. Mike Coffman will be moved to Fallujah to where it is more comfortable to sleep in the combat zone!

Ken Allison

Semper Fi, Major. Was wondering about your shot record in 90/91, about a Plague type 3, Vaccine, at the MEPS when I went in was a lady that drew blood and swabbed a cheek after the duck walk with my bowed legs, She told me that there will be no more Tomb of the unknown, by DNA tracking. When I was young my mother filled out Corning and Hershey papers, Let me know what is up, and let MWSS 174 3rd MAW reapear as a unit. Thanks and Semper Fi.

USMC Reserve Cpl.

Semper Fi Sir, it is great to have a man like you running in our state! I'm a Cpl. in the Marine Corps Reserves in Colorado, I recently heard of you at my local Republican caucus, and heard that you are a Marine Reservist who was returning home to Colorado to run for Gov. I was amazed to hear that you were with 6th CAG, myself and many of us Colorado Marines will be leaving shortly with 4th CAG. I know your a busy man and I hope this isn't over stepping my pay grade but I think it would be a great experience for us to have you come talk about your Civil Affairs experiences in Iraq. If this interests you, and you have the time, you could contact my chain of command here at Buckley or possibly write me back and I could get you in touch with my Maj.

Semper Fi Sir!


I am glad you support the voucher system and are Pro-LIFE! What is your stand on the marraige act?? Do you think homo-sexual partners should be able to have the same benefits of a married heterosexual couple??


What is your Stand of Issues betwwen these choices

1.The War in Iraq

2. Terrorism

3. Energy

Which one of thoes are on your Stands of Issues

Mike Johanson

What a liar. True pro-lifers don't go around suing the Colorado Right to Life organization and try to illegally silence any group that promotes the sanctity of life. Read it for yourself: http://www.kaisernetwork.org/daily_reports/rep_index.cfm?DR_ID=47062

Dan Kopelman

Mr. Ken Yersin, Are you asking a candidate to consider doing you a favor. Where do you think the money comes from to pay for you cute little library. It comes from taxpayers who are working to take care of their families. If you want to give out free books to the world don't donate your own money and stop influencing a politician to steal from the majority to pay for your desires. That is not the role of our government. This is not a communist state where we skim money from the workers to take care of the non-workers. Try working, then buying books with the money You earn. It used to be that only liberals talked like that but here is proof that the Republican groupies are doing the exact same socialist things. IN the meantime,Mr. Coffman can you fix the playground in my backyard with other people's hard earned money while you are at it. I just might vote for you too. Thanks.

Buddy Sims

Mike, can you get the State Attorney General to look into my complaints. Semper fi, Buddy Sims, Edwards, CO

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From: Buddy Sims
To: Bryan Treu
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Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 9:54 PM
Subject: Re: Colorado State Statute 30-25-106 & TABOR Amendment Violations Per Colorado Public Law, as amended

Bryan Treu
Eagle County Attorney


1. Thanks for your response but in my reading of CRS 30-25-106, I see two (1 & 2) violations of Colorado Public Law concerning Eagle County funding through the use of its General Fund and have concerns over the TABOR amendment, as I read it (3).

2. In my opinion, (1) the Eagle County Government can not legally spend money on the "Early Childhood Development" program that was voted down by the taxpayers in November 2007. See CO Statute 30-25-106, quote, "except expenditures for public welfare, roads and bridges, debt service, public hospitals, public works, contingencies, and purposes voted by the electors". In my simple mind I can not explain that one away as I read 30-25-106. (2) Plus it is questionable how an additional $2.0 million above the County "roads and bridges" mill levy was recently spent on a Eagle County road improvement project per the same CO Statute. I'm all for improving the County but it must be done in a fair and proper manner to insure the integrity of this County government.

3. Your response below is in direct conflict with CRS 30-125-106 that "excepts roads and bridges" from County General funding. I just don't understand how your position can be supported under CRS 30-25-106. How can you have a "roads and bridges" mill levy not listed on the Eagle County Real Estate Property Tax Notice for 2007 taxes due in 2008 and then spend $2.0 million over that unlisted mill levy out of Eagle County General Funds?

4. (3) I am still concerned that the TABOR amendment has been bridged since most taxing authorities (except BCMD) knowingly maintained mill levies with huge increases of real estate property values on the horizon. This action was unfair to local Eagle County taxpayers and hurts all Seniors and others living on fixed incomes in the Valley. Further, the Eagle County Sheriff's Department training budget was cut but the "Early Childhood Development" program was funded $800k. The Commissioners have this option, but re-occurring training for Sheriff's deputies should be a higher priority than childhood development.

5. Due to your response to my last letter of complaint, I request your Eagle County Attorney's office request an outside agency investigate my complaints and provide a written legal opinion posted to local area newspapers so all citizens can truly understand how Eagle County taxpayer money is being spent. If County voters voted against a program expansion on a ballot, how can it be funded from the County General Fund over voter dis-approval per CO CRS 30-25-106? And how did you and Commissioners authorize a "roads and bridges" mill levy at the County level under CRS 30-25-106 and then approve additional funding from the County General Fund over and above that unlisted mill levy?

6. My intent in this complaint is for someone in authority to affirm that the Eagle County Commissioners are applying the Colorado General Funding Statute CRS 30-25-106 IAW the proper procedures and guidelines as State law demands at the County level. It is our taxpayer's money, the Eagle County Commissioners work for us, and are accountable on how this money is being spent. I disagree with your response and further ask the Eagle County Commissioners hold a public hearing ASAP to explain to Eagle County voters how we got into this large County tax increase and the decisions made by local taxing authorities, County funding of "roads and bridges", and the "Early Childhood Development" program against taxpayer wishes.


Buddy Sims
PO Box 31
Edwards, CO

John W. Suthers
Colorado Attorney General

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From: Bryan Treu
To: Buddy Sims
Cc: Powers, Chuck ; Cohen, Don ; Menconi, Arn ; Peter Runyon ; Sara Fisher ; Karen Sheaffer ; Teak Simonton ; Mark Chapin ; John Lewis
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 4:51 PM
Subject: RE: Colorado State Statute 30-25-106 & TABOR Amendment Violations Per Colorado Public Law, as amended

Dear Mr. Sims:

I am in receipt of your email dated February 4, 2008. I appreciate you providing the same although any opinions that I may render on this subject will be given to my client, the Board of County Commissioners ("Board"). I generally do not provide opinion letters to private citizens.

However, I will point out that the Board is charged with setting levies each year for various budgeting categories such as capital expenditures, road and bridge, self insurance, and social services. Specifically, the Board is charged with the administration of medical, health, public welfare, and related activities in Eagle County. By statute, the Board is required to establish budgets setting forth the amounts needed to carry out this charge and set the levy accordingly.

I am not aware of any deviation from this authority as it relates to the levying function of this Board. Neither Tabor nor C.R.S. §30-25-106 preclude the funding you have referenced. It would appear that your concerns focus more on the discretionary budgeting practices of this Board. Citizens are welcome to comment on the proposed budget during its adoption and I would encourage you to take advantage of such opportunity in the future.

Thank you again for your email and I hope this proves helpful.

Bryan R. Treu

County Attorney

500 Broadway

P.O. Box 850

Eagle, Colorado 81631

(970) 328-8685 T

(970) 328-8699 F

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