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I again suggest that the nebulous "Colorado Pols" entity stop using the royal "we". This is a blog, not a clippings service from The London Times. Your credibility is judged by your reputation, which grows or shrinks based on your actual record of reporting, but when one cannot associate an actual writer with the story, it's safer to dismiss the whole thing.

Just my $0.02.

Alva Adams

Most of what we report comes from a collaboration of sources, and therefore it's more accurate in our minds to just use "we" because, truthfully, it normally comes from all of us.

I understand your point of view, but I think at the end of the day we'll be judged primarily by whether or not the content on the SITE is accurate - not by who said what.

Alva Adams

I could just as easily just dismiss your comments because you don't use your real name in the post, just as you could dismiss ours because we don't use our real names. There is only one form of credibility with no gray area: were we correct, or were we not?

Jesse F. McDonald

Well said, Alva. In fact, I believe the anonymity of Colorado Pols makes all of your insider tidbits that much more intriguing. So whatever goes on behind that veil of secrecy, please keep up the good work.

James Peabody

I'm going with Brother Alva on this one. Or, should I say we're going with Brother Alva. And we appreciate your two cents and comments on the site.

There's no royal "we" involved here in terms of one person posting, but pretending to be many (or pretending he or she is some sort of king). Colorado Pols is a collective effort and speaks in a collective voice. We do post comments under individual names (albeit, in case anyone hasn't picked up on this yet, not real names), but the main section of news, inside information and commentary is a group effort.


Read CU Regent Michael Carrigan's comments on Ward Churchill at http://www.thecherrycreeknews.com or http://www.northdenvernews.com. Carrigan is a lawyer and an elected Regent of the University of Colorado, and he defends Churchill.

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