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greg slusser

There I was watching Lou Dobbs when a commercial came on. I did what any other man would do and flipped the channels. I by chance just happened to turn to cspan where I saw no other than Tom Tancredo speaking on the floor of the House. Im sorry Lou but when Tom Tancredo speaks I listen. I am a democrat and yet I love this man Tom Tancredo. It is so refreshing to hear a politician speak with the people in mind instead of the usual special interest and big business that seem to hold a tight grasp of so many of our politicians (including Kerry who I voted for and the King himself George W Bush). If Tom Tancredowere to run for President in 2008 this democrat will without a doubt vote for him. I just cant believe that the citizens of this country are not outraged at the the non action our whole government has taken on this SERIOUS issue that ultimately I fear if ignored much longer certainly turn this nation into a 3rd world superpower! I have one question and that is how can I come upon a bumper sticker that reads Tancredo for President???????????????????????????


In response to Tancredo for president bumper stickers.I would like at least ten if not more.If there is a Tancredo for president commitee I would like to know more.


how can i help tom tancredo gain
political influence usa?


Tancredo for President 2008

For those interested in purchasing Tancredo for President 2008 merchandise, they can visit an online store selling such merchandise by using the following link: www.tancredostore.com.

The young man operating the store has previously posted on this website.
He is a college student in Missouri and will donate a large share of any profits made from the store to a Tancredo for President campaign. It is my understanding that thus far he has not sold enough merchandise to make a profit.

If you are support Cong. Tancredo running for president, please order an item or two from the store if you are able to do so.

Thank you.


I'm more enthusiastic about Tom Tancredo running for President than I've been about a politican in a long time. It seems like decades since a politician spoke the truth, loved the country, and took a stand for its benefit. This Republican agrees with you - Tom Tancredo would make a great president.

If you can, in addition to buying bumper stickers to promote his candidacy, contribute to the campaign here...


Lynda Krobath

I just heard about Mr. Tancredo and his stand against illegal "immigration." I am definitely intrigued and supportive of what I have heard. I live in VA and would like to know more.

If we are a nation of law, why do we not enforce our law? I stand with Mr. Tancredo on this issue.

RK Swanby

Tom Tancredo is my American hero!

He is the only politican I see out there that has the courage to save America from becoming north mexico.


yeah tom tancredo for president
im latin and i suport tom tancredo,we got to preserve u.s.a



Tancredo deserves the support of all Americans concerned about excessive immigration, illegal immigration, and the wages of American workers, not to mention quality of life in this country.

Also one in four crimes in U.S. is done by non-citizens.

We need to control the borders.


YES....Tom Tancredo for President. I am a Republican that is totally digusted with Bush. He has sold us out. He is supposed to be protecting our borders and he has done less than nothing to secure our southern border. Tom is my HERO. I will vote for him. Party does not matter.

Tancredo Watch

I posted the above photo on my own website and today received a nastygram from "Tennesseeans for Responsible Immigration Policies" (a.k.a. "Tennesseeans for NO Immigration") stating that they hold the copyright to the image. Ironically, they appear to have removed the image from their own website, perhaps in an attempt to sanitize Tancredo's image. (Instead there are photos of a serious-looking Tancredo talking earnestly with a recent "legal immigrant." (I guess that legal immigrant didn't realize that Tancredo wouldn't have wanted her to be here in the first place.) In the height of irony, the Tennessee website has a disclaimer purporting to give ITSELF the right to make "fair use" of copyrighted materials from OTHERS! Typical Tancredo hypocrisy.

Theresa Harmon

The photo is still on our website and has never been taken down since we took the photo over 2 years ago. It's a shame that this poster didn't bother to point out that he cropped the photo so it only showed the Congressman and the t-shirt simply to attempt to show the Congressman in some negative light. The original photo is still found here: http://www.tnrip.org/events/040304.htm


Im Mexican, and I think that the president Bush isnt working on the American citizen beneficts, so i support Tom Tancredo, I want to see in a future, that he is going to be the American president, i dont like to see that the alliens are mayority in the United States, just look the proyections of the Census department, look whats going to happen in the USA if they dont do something, dont worry im mexican, but I feel the American flag colors, i want to be an American, so you have my support Tom Tancredo..



It is a no brainer if Tom Tancredo does not run for president we are doomed as a nation!!! I hate king george and what he has done to this country, but he is still the lesser of two evils when compared to the democrats and what Kerry would have done...We are experiencing treasonous acts by our elected officials on a daily basis in Washington. We have NO need in this country for any more immigrants illegal or legal here. I am for the american worker that will work and expects a decent and survivable wage. We have plenty of welfare bums and disability gravy train riders here that need to be perminatly pryed off the backs of the hard working middle class men and women of this country. Has anybody ever thought of calculating the percentage of world oil reserves that are used by the ships from China and other 3rd world countries delievering goods to the USA from their sweatshops. I'm totally for a candidate that gives a damn about the american worker and can see the suffering that they are going though to just survive the last 20 or so years of a goverment that kisses the a**es of the rich and elites. I'm so tired of watching US soldiers dying in Iraq for democracy when back home their futures are being sold out lock, stock and barrel by corrupt politicians!!!



Re: Theresa Harmon takes TancredoWatch to task for cropping the photo, but the uncropped original to which she links only shows, in addition to Tom and his anti-immigrant buddy, a couple of people scampering in the background. How, Theresa, does that change the meaning of the photo? If the above version portrays Tancredo in a bad light, so does the one on your site.

Jeez, there are a bunch of nuts posting on this thread.

Bill Wilkie

I have several friends in the landscaping and roofing and siding business. They are trying to be legal and pay taxes for their workers, pay insurance for their workers, and in general live by the law. But they all confide in me that they don't kow how much longer they can continue to be legal when they are being undercut by illegal aliens doing the work for a fraction of the price because they don't have overhead like taxes and insurance. So I've asked our elected officials to stop illegal immigration. They haven't.

I have read nightmare stories of Americans being replaced by Indian workers on H1B visas and been out of work for for the last 6 years since George W. Bush took office. So I've asked them to limit the number of H1B visas that were issued to foreigners that come here and replace Americans in Hi-Tech Jobs like programming, finance and accounting. They Didn't. In fact, they recently increased it and some are even pushing for no limits on foreign workers.

I asked them to take back the fast track authority to negotiate trade agreements from the President. They Didn't.

Tom Tancredo is the only one I know of who has been on the forefront of all of these issues and I will vote for him regardless of how he runs. I know of a lot of people on the other side of all of these issues that will vote for tom as well. Get me a bumper sticker.

Please Run Tom!


Dana N.

I don't know what has happened to the Conservative Party... I am deeply concerned about the America my children will someday grow up in, and the legacy we will leave them. Tom Tancredo is the only person I think understands the full magnitude of of what we are dealing with. I FULLY support Tom Tancredo for president but how will he ever get the nomination? Tom please help us.. Our nation is starving for someone to be our voice.


jeanne reid

I met Tom Tancredo in Asheville, NC last year and was truly impressed with him. He will get my vote in 2008!




Once again American citizens can thank the Tom Tancredo for doing the hard & brave work of keeping the negative impact of illegal immigration in ours and the media's forefront. It is easy for us "regular" people to make such statements, as Tom does, - but it takes real courage for a public figure to do so. This man so reveres his country that he is willing to take the "flak" for all of us.

The erroneous ideology of multiculturalism has and continues to reek havoc with our American culture. Yes, we are the so called "melting pot" but the key word here is MELTING or different cultures and languages merging to become ONE in ONE Country - the USA. Without the American culture one could further deduce that we stand good chance of becoming an unblended, indigestible chunky soup. Not exactly what our forefathers wanted and certainly not what thousands of brave soldiers lost their lives to preserve.

Too many people shy away from stating the obvious when it comes to illegal immigration and far too many people like to toss out the word racist at anyone who believe that rampant illegal immigration is not in the best interest of our Country especially our lower and middle income workers.(just ask Tom) Some open border activists want us to welcome the millions of people who chose to ignore our laws and immigrated illegally to the US - sorry but I don't agree. It is ludicrous to reward anyone for breaking the law and illegal immigrants have done just that.

To call them "undocumented workers" when all don't work is ludicrous and is trying to mitigate their lack of legality. It is like calling a mistress an "undocumented wife". That may sound a bit silly but really if enough people steal cars would you think that car theft should be legalized?

Illegal immigrants are ADULTS who CHOOSE to break laws and enter the USA illegally. Though businesses, wrongly addicted to cheap illegal labor, do bear some responsiblity - using this to label illegals "victims" is not applicable as the illegal immigrants were not dragged kicking and screaming into the USA. To believe this takes the focus off of adults taking responsibility for their voluntary adult behaviors and hide behind the so called "victimization" of intelligent people who made their own choices. Perhaps this "victimization" myth allows pro illegal immigrant activists to rationalize that we should reward lawbreakers with amnesty??

Regardless, we cannot pick and choose what laws citizens or non citizens are obliged to follow - US laws must be honored.

Fair is fair -- and illegal isn't fair.

Like this?? THEN PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG http://www.theopinionator.typepad.com/

Deborah Campbell

Cheap Labor. Nice word coming from a liberal media who wants illegal immigration to continue.But illegals take a hidden toll on this country every day.My cousin was murdered by CHEAP labor. She was stabbed 16 times by a mexican migrant who was smuggling people and drugs into this country. Surprisingly he was not arrested for the crime and deported back to mexico. I t was not until 2 weeks later when he was arrested for another crime in florida that the JUSTICE system decided to charge him for her murder. In my opinion the judges, city,state, and federal politicians have sold the law abiding american people out. Our only hope is to speak out and elect people like Tom Tancredo to truly represent the american people. If that doesnt work god have mercy on the us of a.

parvin Bassiri

I am an Iranian American and I want to support Mr.Tancredo. I want to help in the campaigne.I have lots of freinds from Iranian American Community in Virginia who love to help with this campaigne.Please let us know what we can do?
Best regards
Parvin Bassiri

Deborah Edney

Thank you Tom Tancredo for listening to America. I love mexican people but that has nothing to do with the invasion of our country. We Americans are fed-up with our elected officials. There will be a civil war in this country soon if our government continues to shove illegal's down our throats. Illegal immigration is #1 next to the war in Iraq. I will vote for the canidate that is against illegal immigration,period.


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gayla angon

Please Senator Tancredo, My family is Mexican American and we are strongly against the s-1348 immigration bill. We do not understand why our country is selling out our citizen's. Why are they doing more for lawless people than they do to uphold our laws? I almost fell over the other night when Senator McCain said there was hespanic surnames on the vietnam monument, Correction, American Mexican Surnames, Mexico did not fight the vietnam war! Americans and American born or legalized hespanics did! I want this bill dead in the water. Thank you Gayla Angon

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