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I'm ecstatic that Tancredo is running! Finally, someone is standing up against America's biggest downfall - illegal immigration. I am going to be very disappointed if he does not win the presidential election, because this colossal problem really needs to stop. Regardless of what his stance is on other issues, this is the most crucial one, so he has my vote and my support through and through! Any of you who do not know much about him or do not know the full damages of illegal immigration, you NEED to inform yourself. Check out tancredo.org.


Sorry - I want to add that I was not implying that the War in Iraq is not just as important. That needs to stop too.


I have been reading and comparing the views and stands on the issues between Tom Tancredo and Dr. Ron Paul, simply because they both have made me "sit up and take notice" with their refreshing, grassroots, back-to-basics, approach to the American Dream and Patriotism. These two men have worked together on many of the issues and all-out "fights" for the salvation of our Country and Constitution over and over, and their stands on the issues are very close to the same. This bid for the presidency in 2008, (which is really the last hope for the America that was intended in the Constitution),is too important to split the support and backing of these two worthwhile candidates. In other words, WE, THE PEOPLE, of this nation are in this battle more than ever before, we should feel DESPARATE to make DRASTIC changes! What a ROCK SOLID team these men would make as running MATES instead of opponents! They would bring a unified and unbeatable force to the election! I believe that the Conservative American public could and would get behind a ticket of that strength and character and with those numbers backing them, even the RNP would have to listen. It will take a drastic movement in huge numbers to overthrow the political machine that now controls and drives Washington and the traitors that call themselves Americans that hold our government for ransom! This country is being overtaken by Socialists and Hillary Clinton is one of worst ones! I can't hardly believe that people are stupid enough to want her in the White house, but then they would have to be socialists as well, to agree with her politics! WE, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, the true patriotic, down-to-earth, flag waving, GOD FEARING, USA loving, silent,(until now), MAJORITY, MUST stand up to be counted in this upcoming election, or watch our country vanish into thin air. Not even the history books will support the memory of it, as they too have been rewritten to serve the socialist, secular ideals and down play the America we were promised by the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States of America. I don't think we have a real choice about whether or not to find our voice, we just have to choose which man to put our faith and trust in to led this Country back to health, this will be a hard choice for me, as I feel they both have strength of character and conviction and America's best interest at heart. I will be watching for a deciding factor to surface between Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, until then, I will listen to any and all arguments for or against these two men, as I want to make an informed decision. I do know this; Of all the candidates, these are the only two worth consideration at all! The others are all "One Worlder's" and political "Puppets" to be controlled by the "Machine". So, give me some information that will help me decide, if we can't convince them to throw in together!


I am bewildered! I posted this last comment in July, it is now September, and NO ONE in these United States has anything to say about it or in answer to it? I sure hope this is not an indication of how the support for these two candidates is shaping up! People of America! WE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER ON THIS! The odds are stacked against us and we will have to come out in BIG numbers to make a statement! These men have to get on the ticket! We can not sit idly by and wait for someone else to take the stand! It will take EACH and EVERY voting age AMERICAN that wants to see our country come back to what it is supposed to be, to give this a chance to work! Do your duty! Do your homework! Find out what you need to know and DO SOMETHING about the things you are angry about! Apathy and complacency are KILLING our Nation! Get up out of your comfort zone and stand up and be counted! It will take true Patriots to make a difference in getting a true Patriot elected and in the White House! There is much work to do in just getting the word out, so tell everyone you know, and lets get this ball rolling!


Have you heard what Hillary is up to lately? If she and her followers get their way, the radical Homosexual Lobby will be crammed down the throats of Americans once and for all! THIS IS A CALL TO ALL CHRISTIANS AND EVERYDAY, GRASSROOTS, FAMILY-MINDED CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY! We MUST stand together and get the word out to STOP this Homosexual Agenda from becomming law! This will make homosexual perversion LEGAL and promoting it, as a "alternative lifestyle" in our schools, will also be legal! This is what Hillary is planning with the radical Homosexuals: *Homosexual "Marriage" across America;
*Open Homosexuality in the military, turning our military in to a social engineering laboratory;
*Forcing Ted Kennedy's Thought Control bill ("1984"?) into law, and using it to silence pro-family leaders with the threat of fines and even jail;
*Taxpayer funding of Pro-sodomy programs with deductions for homosexual couples and adoptions;
*MANDATORY "safe-sodomy" education in schools;
*The "Gay Bill of Special Rights" new affirmative action in schools, daycare centers, nursing homes,Churches and Children's camps, mandating special hiring protection for practicing homosexuals.
After Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy give the radical Homosexual Lobby "Everything they've always wanted", then they will pour "EVERYTHING THEY HAVE" into getting her elected President! This is a dangerous situation for America, for the millions of people that don't share the belief that homosexual lifestyles are conduceive to good family values and normal sexual development. This is an outrage and HAS to be STOPPED!
Please, if you don't do anything else, help to stop Hillary and the radical Homosexuals and their perverse agenda! You don't have to take my word for it, go to this website and see for yourself, www.PublicAdvocateUSA.org and read what horrors are in store for us if we don't take action NOW! I FEEL LIKE BURSTING INTO TEARS WHEN I THINK ABOUT HOW LOST THIS COUNTRY WILL BE IF PEOPLE LIKE THIS AND THEIR FOLLOWERS GET CONTROL OF OUR NATION, WE MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN, WE MUST SCREAM "NOT HEAR! NOT IN AMERICA!" AND MEAN IT!

Robert Evans

I am afraid to live in America if WE THE PEOPLE do not elect Tom Tancredo; our destiny is chaos without reasonable people like Tom in office. The proof of how a nation divided will stand is evidenced by our House of Representitives voting to embarace Turkey so they could strand US soldiers and equipement in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Spitefull political efforts of this nature can cost us a country. TOM WE NEED HELP.




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