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Those "good residents" obviously believed Habecker no longer represented them. This is yet another example of Representative Democracy - and we should be proud of it.

Lefty Rivera

Let me clarify: while I don't agree with the decision to boot Habecker (he seemed clearly stunned that he'd lost the election), I definitely respect the will of the voters. If they felt that Habecker no longer represented them, that's their right.

My impression was that the voters felt that Habecker's personal feelings vis-a-vis the Pledge were interfering with his ability to be an effective trustee, and so they relieved him of his duties.

James C. Hess

I'll be glad when the last of the baby boomers like Habecker are gone from the planet. They are useless, worthless, wastes of time and space.

Donald E. L. Johnson

This is a perfect freedom of speech case. You have the freedom to speak. But what you say and who you say it to may cost you, say, your job, friendships and status. We all live with these limitations and act accordingly. Public people face the consequences more than people who talk only to friends and colleagues. If only voters could recall Ward Churchill.

Phoenix Rising

Both the State and Federal Constitutions prohibit tests of religion for office-holding. The only issue presented by recall proponents was the refusal to say the Pledge containing "Under God". I'd say that fails a legal test somewhere.

It's not often that voter opinion on candidates religious beliefs is so clearly defined as in this case. Usually, candidates with differing religious views are not voted into office in the first place, and the issues cloud the religious judgement. Here, though, is a case where the recall was specifically based on this man's religious dissent from an Unconstitutional (both State and Federal) practice.

If people don't like Habecker, they could have voted him out the last time he was up for election; he's been a town trustee for 13 years over a 21-year span. And they could vote him out next time the election came around with the cover of "issues". But to do so under such narrow circumstances calls into question the legal basis for his ouster; I predict he has a strong case, though I don't know what an appropriate judgement would be... A lawsuit is already pending.

Doug Reynolds

The funny thing is that these people that demand unquestioning obedience to concepts such as reciting the Pledge, getting weepy over the Flag and expressing reverence for the troops and that flip out about the Ward Churchill's of the world are usually the same one's that will decry the "Political Correctness" of the "Left." The moral: "We like free speech, as long as we agree wioth what is said."


The voters of Estes Park are a disgrace to the state of Colorado.

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