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Donald E. L. Johnson

You're hot for BB? What's your assessment of him as a speaker and campaigner?
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 perfect, how would your rate the candidates as candidates, not as money raisers or policy wonks?

How important is stage presence vs. support from the precinct leaders and county officials and leaders? Who has the upper hand there?

What would it take for Mike to re-light your enthusiasm for him?


No one can out work Scott on the campaign trail. If/when he gets in you have to at least admit he's going to be a tough opponent.


Donald, your tenacious support for Coffman is admirable, but think about this with an open mind. Don't forget that Beauprez was active in Colorado GOP circles for decades before he ever ran for office. He did a tour as state party chairman, and as far as that goes probably has much better ties to local county parties than Coffman. Also, are you trying to say Coffman could be a better campaigner? No offense, but winning and holding the 7th doesn't strike one as a cakewalk. Maybe that's an office Coffman should look at before running for Governor...


Don, as the last cycle proved to us - the Party Activists ARE NOT the end-all, be-all of the Republican Party. Take a look at the 'R' Winners in November and you'll see folks who were running WITHOUT the blessings of "Precinct Leaders" or "County Officials" in the Primary.

Any body want to chime in here? I'll start the list...

1. Eva Wilson


Since you are pushing Beauprez, could you tell me what sort of bills he has sponsored and things he has done in Congress? I'm more curious about that - because propaganda about awesome photo shoots don't interest me.


peterco: I'd reccomend a simple google search - or better yet, Thomas or Lexus Nexus. This isn't a "policy" web site - simply "politics".


Ditch the blue guy. But, this red broad is OK. Instead of a lefty idealist for the blue guy, why don't you get a political insider. That's what makes this site worth reading. Insider gossip, not ideological rants.


Red makes a good point about Eve Wilson's race. Eva seemed to have every Republican party player (and a handful of Democrat converts)in the 18th Judicial on her side... Carol Chambers had to petition on to the Primary ballot because she couldn't win the Party endorsement at the assembly. And yet she found a way to win when all of the insiders thought she was going down in flames.

Donald E. L. Johnson

1. Although I like and admire Mike, I'm not supporting him because he's one of Bill Armstrong's boys.
2. I don't have a candidate.
3. Good point about Wilson. How did she blow it?
4. It takes more than money and more than the precinct leaders to win. You need both and then some, including a weak opponent.
5. Again, what's more impressive, winning two state races for treasurer or 2 for 7th CD? Or does it just depend on where you're coming from and on whom you support?


What is your beef with Armstrong again?


Don, I don't know if it's fair yet to make the assumption that Armstrong is behind Mike. My understanding is that Bill has yet to make an official endorsement. That said...

I think Coors proved something to us in this last cycle: it takes credibility, money, talent, a solid campaign team and a knowledge of the issues to win state wide. Do Coffman and Holtzman meet those basic critera?


Lori - there is no question about Scott being a campaigner. His reputation within the 3rd is unquestionable, and he knows how to talk "Western Slope Values" with those of the "Eastern Establishment". But the negative stuff out there will be too much for him to deal with, especially with a guy like BB in the race.


I am not familiar with Williams and Atkinson....why do you admire them?


Thanks, Joe. I think you just gave me an idea for an upcoming post: Rising Stars and Legendary Forces within the Republican Party.


that's a post i'd like to see, RedHawk.

Horace Tabor

Redhawk, will you include your real self in this "Rising Stars and Legendary Forces" post?


Former Sen. Bill Armstrong, who has supported Coffman in previous campaigns, only supports social radicals. I don't.


Coffman has statewide credibility, is a talented campaigner, but may come up short on building and keeping a strong campaign team. He's annally detail, from what I have read, which means he doesn't delegate well. An Al Gore kinda guy?

BB has been around a long time and around the state, but that doesn't give him credibility with state issues, only with party politics. He's built a good business, raised money and won two tough races, which makes him attractive to Owens and other powers that be. Whether it's the right combination of assets remains to be seen.

Holtzman is a fund raiser, investment banker, networker. That doesn't make him a politician or give him credibility on state issues. I guess he's a smart Bruce Benson? No chance against the pros, imho.

Scott carries too much baggage as others are noting above. If Rs don't get him, Ds will. He ought to face reality and stick to making money.

By this analysis, which reflects no inside info, its MC vs. BB.

Donald E. L. Johnson

I don't mean to say Bruce Benson's not smart. He's a successful businessman and political fund raiser. He just was inept as a candidate for governor and kinda spoiled his reputation as a politician by running.


In response to Scott's baggage, everybody has baggage, but what Scott also has is heart and a work ethic that won't quit. I'd put my money on Scott any day!!!!!

Donald E. L. Johnson

Alert: The Schiavo case is turning 60% to 70% of Americans against Congressional Republicans. This is shown in polls and in comments on a www.wsj.com thread that asks whether the GOP's role in the case will help or hurt the party (63% hurt, 16% help out of more than 2,300 votes).

Question, if the GOP popularity continues to slide as Americans realize their liberty is being threatened by the GOP's religious radicals in Congress, won't party leaders demand that BB hold his seat rather than risk turning it over to a Dem. Won't this take him out of the gubernatorial race. Or will it convince him he can't hold his seat in a 2006 Dem landslide so he might as well run for governor?


People are asking Beauprez to run for governor b/c they realize that holding the governor's seat is a priority for Colorado Republicans, especially if the Dems hold the legislature. As Red Hawk put it, BB is the best shot we've got.

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