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What do you know about Rachel Sunbarger?

I agree that Hans is a very, very solid choice for ED. But Chuck does know a thing or two about campaigns. I had heard there was going to be a regional position for him.


Hans is solid. So is Rachel - she's coming from Laura Bush's press office. The Colorado GOP is definitely on the right track.

As for El Paso Co, the 'rift' is completely overblown. What county wouldn't want one of theirs leading the party? Broerman for Chair was very close to happening. Broerman for ED wasn't. They're two very different positions.

Chuck's a party guy and will certainly be a major factor in any El Paso Co GOTV effort. Culpepper forgets that Martinez already got every single El Paso Co vote. As for election time, voters in El Paso Co are voting for candidates, not GOP Chair.

El Paso Co will be a big reason why the GOP will continue to hold the Gov's office. Solid team there, solid team at GOP HQ.


Chuck has absolutely proven his worth in the over 10 years he’s been active within the Party. He is an asset and will continually be utilized within the role he best serves; GOTV Coordinator.

If he ever decides to step away from The Party Machine, he would be a Campaign Powerhouse.


That's a Campaign Manager I'd love to work for - someone who knows how to set a target and consistently reaches it.


Any word on the rest of the staff? Will Scott keep his job as Political Director? who will be the 96 hour cordinator this time around? Chuck?

James C. Hess

It would be interesting to know if Colorado Pols receives monies from the Democratic Party. It would be interesting to know, if this is true and factual, how much Colorado Pols receives from the Dems.


Culpepper was right to question why Broerman wasn't selected. It is correct that El Paso will bring the GOP over the top, but if you blindside El Paso; it can have a huge impact on the election. Something the CO GOP needs to understand. If I was in Culpepper's position, I would have done the same thing. It is called taking up the defense of your own and taking care of your own. If he doesn't do it, who would?

There is PLENTY of talent in Colorado and Martinez should have looked here first! I believe Martinez is and will always be threatened by Broerman!



They call you that for a reason and when they see Culpepper and his goofy Stetson they say - all hat, no cattle.

Give me a break. Is Chuck qualified? Sure he is, but is he going to move to Denver or are we moving the party to Colorado Springs? No - on both accounts.

George ought to check the facts before shooting his mouth off. All he did was show his age and lack of experience.


I heard through the grapevine today that Scott will likely stay on as the Political Director. I heard through the Governor's office the Owens wants him to stay.



Are you kidding me??? You come out with a slam over a guy who wears a cowboy hat??? Sounds like to me you just showed your ignorance! Have you forgotten where you live? Colorado has one of the country's biggest beef industries and I dare you to say those comments to either Culpepper to his face or to another Cowboy. Clearly, you don't know much about Colorado and what it has to offer.

Further, I thought Culpepper's comments were justified. Whether you think so or not, at least he is SHOWING leadership and not afraid to stand up for what he and/or his County believes in. It is called taking leadership something you obviously are OVERlooking!!!

Also, for the record...Culpepper seems to have a lot of experience otherwise he wouldn't be where he is today. You jealousy is shining through!



One other thing...I understand Culpepper may not have "cattle", but he does have plenty of horses.

What do you have?

At least, he understands over half of the Colorado industry regarding cattle, livestock, farming, etc. Ummmmmm...no experience??? Maybe next time before you shoot off at the mouth, you should check your facts!




You are still the Underdog.

Did I hit a nerve? Perhaps you don't have any cattle either.

I doubt that a real Colorado Cowboy would take issue with me calling out a poser in a Stetson. As a long time Colorado resident I am very familiar with the Culpepper types. They move here, buy boots and a hat and think that makes them a cowboy and a Coloradan. Please....

To further make my point, the fact that you do not recognize the saying as being a saying that a cowboy would use when talking about someone trying to be a cowboy suggests that it fits you as well.


experience = legislative aid for.......David (I have illusions of grandeur) Schulthies - glad I don't have


Culpepper's had campaign experience in at least two states and lobbying experience in Congress, prior to coming to Colorado to finish his bachelor's, and worked in the state senate press shop last year.

CD3 Bellweather

Not to change the subject to much, but where is the line on CD3. I find the Guv's line interesting and CD7 but the other big race in this state will be CD3. would just like to see some odds



Are you a Culpepper encyclopedia or what?

You left out that that he was student body president his senior year and runner up for homecoming queen.

If he has all of this experience why is he workign for a third tier legislator?


a more important question, BrownSpot, is why you have this problem with Culpepper. Tell us, where exactly did he get on your wrong side? Is this political or personal? Is it the fake cowboy hat or did you get outplayed on something?

And as a constituent of Schultheis's, there are few who consider him third-tier. Except, of course, the Dems.


I don't know Culpepper, but he did make a mistake by his commments, but I won't go as far as to question his cowboyhood b/c of it. Those types of mistakes happen to the best of them.


What are you trying to accomplish here? I don't see why you are trying to bring discredit upon (who I'm guessing is) a fellow republican who is working hard. This is a guy who fought for his country and is a disabled vet. What have you done lately?



One question for you - after eight years in the house what will Schulthies be known for?

A second question - if there is a 5th CD race can Schulthies win without his own money?

As for Hondo-
Disabled? are you kidding me? He is about as disabled as Tom Tancredo when he dodged the draft......


Schultheis won't be running for the 5th if it opens up. He will be running for, and winning, Doug Lamborn's senate seat. Lamborn will run for the 5th. (and lose).

But you failed to mention why you have this antipathy for George.



I have sat back and watched you long enough. If you have a problem with me, I would be happy to discuss this problem.

You don't know me or what I have done. To trash me and my military experience is very disturbing. Further, todd, Colorado_Underdog and others are correct about my experience. Something you obviously know nothing about. What have you done? Please indulge us.

As far as working for Schultheis, he is a humble and hard working legislator who is in this business for the right thing! This goes to show you that I can work with all Republicans and just not a few. But, of course, I don't owe you an explanation as to why I am working for him.

As far as my comments in the "Rocky," they were correct and I will continue to be a leader and represent my GOP County Party. Too often, individuals sit back and say nothing, I am not one of those individuals. Again, if you would care to discuss this matter, I would be happy too.

Finally, as for my attire...if you don't like it too bad, I'm not here to please you. When you can go out and ranch or break wild horses then you come talk to me. It is called hard work and being a working man. You see, Overdog, I can be a working man and a professional at the same time, both, of which, you are lacking. Again, if you would like to discuss this with me, let me know.



I don't have cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs or cats. Quite frankly, I could care less about any of them.

Just because some one moves here doesn't mean they are not hard working and in Culpepper's case, doesn't mean he is not a cowboy. There is a lot about this guy that we all should admire, whether you like it or not. Not that you care, but for a guy to jump on a bull in rodeos has more guts than you and the rest of us. This to me, shows just how much of a common man this guy is. Something Colorado as a whole is lacking.

As for his disability, I doubt the Marine Corps would have medically discharged him, if he wasn't disabled. The guy loved the Corps and still does. Just ask him for yourself. You, overdog, are over your head and quite frankly, I would like to know what you have against this guy? What has he done to you?

Again, his comments were justified and it takes a leader to lead a village!



Marine 1, Colorado Underdog, Overdog:

Relax. Let's talk about something that actually moves the ball down the field and gets Republicans elected. Like, electing Bob Beauprez -- he can win, he's been a great Congressman, he'll make a great Governor and we should all get behind him and avoid a damaging Primary.


George, Todd, Underdog -

Whatever you are calling yourselves today. It is time to move on. I am with Zip but before I go....I have never questioned your work ethic, nor your integrity just the way you put your foot in your mouth.

Do me a favor - a week from now, reread this, then reread it a month from now. Can you go through life fighting every battle? Is every battle worth being fought? Was it really necessary to take an inside the beltway deal regarding Chuck and airign it with Peter Blake? What did you hope to accomplish? While I am sure you did not intend to give Martinez a black eye his first week but ya did.

I know a lot of folks think El Paso is the center of Republican politics in Colorado but teh fact remains that a statewide race cannot be won without a strong showing in El Paso but more importantly at least 5 point wins in Jeffco & Arapahoe. Pete Coors won El Paso but that was not enough to pull him over.

On to Zip - Cong. Beauprez is by far teh best candidate for Gov. He is conservative but does not wear it on his shelve. When dealing with him you know whwere you stand. In that respect he reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan. Beauprez is also a communicator. He can walk into a room filled with people and make each one feel like they were the only ones that shook his hand.

I'm for Bob.

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