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Is this the same Troy Eid that WOens was going to appoint SOS in 1999 when Buckley died or the same Troy Eid that was going to run for the 7th CD in 2002 or the same Troy Eid that Owens was going to appoint AG in 2004? This guy is the biggest self promoter since the Rev. Jesse "mr. please please himself" Jackson.


I think the US Attorney's Office needs to hurry up. If they don't name Troy Eid soon he might find a new job/position to say that he is in the running for.

Unfortunately for him all his previous wants are taken; AG, Congress, SOS.

He gives Holtzmana run for his money when it comes to self promotion, only Holtzman actually gets the deal done.


Troy Eid? Come on! He's made too many enemies - from the State Capitol to D.C. -- to really be considered.

All the talk about his "pending appointment" is just talk...from him.


Mr. Eid is a nice guy but US Attorney material he is not, gotta believe the White House laughed when they saw that one, thats why Allard gave them 3 choices.


So who will they really pick if Troy is a paper dragon? Other than Troy the only other name it won't be is Tom Strickland haha, really any idea who for real?

Alva Adams

Eid's the guy, unless there is a problem with the confirmation. Read this post for more: http://coloradopoliticalnews.blogs.com/colorado_political_news/2004/12/next_us_attorne.html


Alva, Check your source. It's going to be a DA. Eid has fallen WAY out of favor.


Hey everyone, this is exactly what Troy wanted... people actually talking about him. He is the second coming of Dick Sargent for you young folks he is the "also ran" who has seeked every GOP office over the years.

Alva Adams

The way we heard it, the deal for Eid had been worked out in December. Things may change by the time someone is already announced, but the other two nominees were pretty weak.

Monica Lynch

Thanks for the help on my kids' research project! :)

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