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It seems there are a few extraneous entries on the governor line.


You are really trying the bounds of the tiny degree of credibility held by your blog.
A "reliable source" is completely meaningless except to a media insider. First JH now BB. I predict a release from Bob indicating he has said no such thing.

Don't foget to add Francis Owens to the candidate list, her name has been mentioned amongst "Elected Officials" and "Political Insiders" too.

Alva Adams

Believe what you want. Just remember you heard it here first when Hefley retires and Beauprez runs for governor.


It would be news to me if Beauprez runs for Governor. It would catch me way off guard. Not saying it won't happen, it would just be a rare surprise for me.

Alva Adams

We were surprised to hear it ourselves - we did not expect Beauprez to get in the governor's race.


For what it is worth, I have also heard from several reliable sources that Bob B. is leaning towards running and that Rick O'Donnell, not Coffman, would be the insider's choice for the 7th. (He has already run once and actually lives in the district).

political princess

Speaker Romanoff has the best chance of garnering the nomination for Governor on the Dems side. He is seriously considering it and the Dems should step up to the plate soon to get the campaigns rolling.

Phoenix Rising

Romanoff wouldn't announce until after Governor Owens agrees on a TABOR reform referendum, or in a worst-case scenario when the Legislature adjourns for the year without agreement on said reform. Having the political race out front and in the open would ruin the chances this state has of forging a reasonable reform package and getting our state back on the fiscal tracks.


Andrew did a helluva job helping Gates -- Mommy could buy little Andrew a State House seat but cannot buy him anything higher --


Romanoff's political skills are very questionable. He's a policy wonk. If he ever develops any political instict, he might be good. I'm not holding my breath. Any energy he is dedicating toward governor possibilities should be refocused on making his own caucus work. I'm currently not impressed.

Phoenix Rising

Dan, want to explain a bit? Romanoff seems to be pretty good at the political instinct to me.


Romanoff is arrogant enough to believe he has a shot a Governor, but he'd be wrong about that. A jewish, big city Democrat running for Gov.? Good luck with Western Slope voters. I'm surprised we're still talking about Hick. He seems to have made every clear indication that he's not going to run.


Udall and Senate 08. Here's the latest scam. Beauprez runs for Governor, Allard runs for a third term, with promises from the hierarchy not to give him grief about his breaking his pledge. Udall has an easier time against Allard than a race against Beauprez. Is this really what the Republican's want?

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