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Phoenix Rising

"Matsunaka lost twice because [...] voters knew him for what he was and still: A Liberal parasite."

Witty, informative... I give it a 1 out of 10.

P. Rock

I can't believe the chatter on this site regarding CD7. All you Democrats and a lot of moderate Republicans who hate the way Bobby B has been a W clone should be happy that Ed Perlmutter has entered the race. If you don't know the reasons, let me draw you a picture.

First, Ed has won, by large margins, two State Senate races in Jefferson county. His district had less Democrats than Independents and far less than Republicans. His timing's great and he's in for the win. He's no starry eyed neophyte…if he didn't know he could win, he wouldn't run. His constituents loved him. Alas term limits…

Second, he can raise the $$$ it takes, lets say $3 million, without pimping his integrity, which he never did in the state senate. I bet you won't see Ed announcing any campaign staff because it's too early. His priorities are raising cash first. And…he knows the value of getting QUALIFIED, dedicated loyal people, many of whom are helping in subtle ways, and of keeping continuity THROUGHOUT the campaign.

Third, ask any Democratic candidate in Jefferson County or state wide WHO helped them get elected both with strategy and by raising tons of cash for their campaigns. When he wasn't involved in his own race, he selflessly helped many others. That stuff about Matsunaga was a bunch of BS, Ed was only trying to help him.

Fourth, Ed's friends are not going to let him be a punching bag for the lying opposite party. They are going to respond to every allegation and fight back. (See the above tirade.) So take that and stuff it in your pipes.

K. Rock

Good job Ed. And I like the P. Rock thing.

JeffCo Dem

Purlmutter will sputter along and try to call in old chits from the Party elite on 17th Street. Us rank and file out here in the trenches who actually do the work are not excited about Ed. True he won in the past but only because he was always willing to cut deals so the campaign cash would flow. He will have the advantage in cash but he won't in Delegates. My money and time is on Polsfut, the letter is most important.


The Reps want Perlmutter more than any other Dem. Ed is no moderate but a shill --
Look what they did to Feeley and they have a lot more ammo to use on Perlmutter. Not rumors, not innuendo, not hearsay -- cold hard facts that will resonate with voters.
Elect a winner -- the two best the Dems have are Don Quick and Morgan Carroll -- they can attract support across the spectrum -- unite the party and do not have a closet full of skeletons as Eddie P does

P. Rock


These are all good hard working folks. But let's face it Feeley got tarred with the L word (lobbyest, which somehow doesn't matter if you're an oil company lobbyiest like the gov) and look what happened to Dave Thomas...a great candidate, didn't have enough $$$$ and didn't fight back.

I'm rank, but not file, Vlad, and have walked precincts with the best. Quick and Carroll need some more experience and name recognition.

And as for you JeffcoDem, Ed Perlmutter has and is calling in the chits now. Did you get your call yet? No grass is growing under his feet.

Phoenix Rising

Message to Mr. Perlmutter: if he expects $$$ from me, he'd better think about campaigning a bit. I'm not handing over part of $3 million without seeing a campaign effort.


Grass cannot grow under Ed P.'s feet because he is walking down 17th Street, which is exactly my point why the Delegate types like myself are not thrilled with Purlmutter as the second coming. As for Feeley he is a solid guy who lost because the GOP was better organized in 2002 had he run in 2004 he would have won so the lobbyist thing doesn't work. Heck Sen. Salazar was a lobbyist in Denver back in the 90's.


Ed is organizing. He's calling in chits, he's raising money and I've heard he'll announce his team soon. But, the Rs will start attacking his record, his clients, etc. He'll be done before the Primary -- I just hope he doesn't scare other candidates out of the race.


I am utterly confused by all of this support for M-Carroll. It seems as though the only people who respect her as a legislator are the ones on this site. She hasn't even passed a single piece of legislation this session (despite a lot of hand-holding attempts to prop her legislation up) and yet she is supposed to be a fromidable candidate for the US Congress? She has a reputation for not being able to form coalitions or work with other legislators.

Perlmutter is the man in this race...


Ed P. is a nice guy and he has name recognition. But he's got a been-there-done-that stench to him, and that's not going to cut it with a very vocal and organized part of the Democratic Party. It could make a primary tough for Ed if the enrgized folk get behind someone else. And, he's not going to excite potential cross-over general election voters, or those Dems who may think of taking a mid-term election pass and sit at home in 2006.

The Dems need someone to break out of the re-tread mold Ed P. puts them into in the 7th District. Some have argued that candidate is Conti. Though, her blatant carpet-bagging and failure to make a bigger splash in the 6th with all the money she raised are big negatives for her. Peggy Lamm isn't going to knock any socks off either.

I'm willing to give Carroll a chance because at least she seems to have some buzz about her. She may not be the one - can't tell until people actually get off the phone for a few imuntes and come out to talk to the residents of the district (what a novel concept!). Though the more candidates who get in the race, the better the chance it turns into a cluster like we saw when Tancredo got the Republican primary in 6. Dems can't afford a cluster.


Perlmutter chits! What chits?
He promised to raise money for Kerry -- failed at that -- promised to raise money for Matsunaka and all he did was screw up the guy's taxes. People who inspire loyalty are those who are loyal themselves. The word loyal has never been used in a sentence with Ed Perlmutter.
By contrast Morgan Carroll on a bill to allow workers the doctor of their choices was able over huge opposition to get Republican support. It may not pass but at least she is carrying progressive legislation that is needed. Don Quick is a great prosecutor -- in short they have records that are solid -- Peggy Lamm ran and hid every time she was criticized in the Legislature -- Dems need to be recruiting winners --


Forgot about the Kerry thing on Ed P. he also bailed on us for Gore in 2000 we asked him repeatedly to surrogate speak and he was "always busy". Don Quick is a sharp guy but if Polsfut has hired Bif and is working hard then I think I am in his corner, still lots of time but if Ed P. is the answer we are asking the wrong question.


>By contrast Morgan Carroll on a bill to >allow workers the doctor of their choices >was able over huge opposition to get >Republican support. It may not pass but >at least she is carrying progressive >legislation that is needed.

if you knew anything about the legislative history of HB-1018 you wouldn't be using it as a positive example about Morgan Carroll. It is a complete and total joke down at the Capitol. It was effectively killed today when it was laid over. Several people at the Capitol today referred to 1018 as "a complete piece of shit" and a "a fucking horse shit bill"... both of them were Dems btw.


In response to "Jeffco Dem" maybe Ed was as concerned in 2000 about getting a majority in the State Senate as he was about the Gore campaign. Duhhhhhh.

You can't seriously believe, (well maybe you're too far to the left and can) that either Gore or Kerry had any chance to win here in Colorado. Or maybe you are happy with candidates who espouse your positions and can't possibly win. Are you some machochist? Why not support a candidate who can carry your water at least some of the time?

P.S. I resent the fact that you use the name "Jeffco dem"? because your opinions don't represent 90% of the Jeffco Dems that I know.

JeffCo Dem

P-Rock I resent your attack. I have worked for YEARS!!! in Jefferson County helping to turn around our party. I have earned the respect of many of our elected officials, I have raised and donated monies to our party and candidates. I was attending Jefferson Jackson dinners likely before you moved to Colorado. I speak to alot of the "grassroots" folks like myself and if Ed P. has people on his team like yourself then it reaffirms why I will not support him and work hard to make sure other delegates do not either. I wonder where you speak to the 90% of Jeff-Co democrats who share your view?


At every Cinco de Mayo, Italian Feast, ER Dinner, on campaigns of nearly every candidate in Jeffco, at Campaign HQ, and in my house district.

Sorry for the personal attack.


I think Jeffco Dem is on the right track. I met Jim Polsfut several years ago and liked him. Last night I talked to some of my friends that talked to Jim recently and were very impressed. He can win this thing.

To Jeffco Dem and P. Rock -- don't you guys get tired of going to JJ dinners?!


No problem P-Rock but my point stands Purlmutter is not the candidate who can get us the 7th. And to Donkey Kong I enjoy the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner if for nothing else I get to see old friends, the speeches can get tiring I confess.

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