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wait, who is doing a q&a when?

Alva Adams


Denver Woman

Please post the time of the Carrigan Q&A.

Alva Adams

Colorado Pols Q&As are all-day affairs, generally. We will post Mr. Carrigan's answers to our 11 questions late tonight, and beginning tomorrow he will check in periodically to answer reader questions.

Jay Z

As a CU Grad it has been a tough couple of years for my school. From the Sex scandle to Churchill CU has become an embarassment for me when people ask where I went to school. What steps specifically are the Regents taking to bring some respectability back to Degree?


If Gary Barnett could guarantee that he would win the CSU game and the Nebraska game for the next 5 years, would you vote to keep him on


Regent Carrigan,
Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. What are your thoughts of student fees paying for construction costs ordinarily paid for by the University? For example, student fees paid for the UMC expansion and the new Law School.
Is this high-risk game of chicken between the Student Government and the Legislature the best way to pay for much needed construction? Or, is it a loophole that needs correcting?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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