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Frankly, Romo doesn't look half bad. Maybe he can put a solid coalition together.


Are Beauprez's eyes that far apart in person or is that just a bad photo?

And you made Rutt Bridges look like my boss, which is evil. Now I'll be thinking that when I go meet with him tomorrow.

Lefty Rivera

I hate to say this, because Andy Romanoff's one of my homeboys from Columbus, OH...but he doesn't just look like any French waiter; he looks like the French waiter from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


Hickenlooper looks like Hitler on a bad hair day. Does McInnis die his Lip and Head at the same time because it's done really well? Rutt looks like an out of work 70's adult film star. Good job to the folks at Colorado Pols this is pretty funny.


Any woman that grow a 'stache like that gets my vote!

Phoenix Rising

I think that moustache makes Romanoff look like Johnny Dangerously. What an appropriate topic for today!

Village People

With all the talk about gay marriage I think all these photos fit a casting call for the New Village People. Coffman has more hair on his lip than his head . Fitz looks better with a Stach. Romo get's the nod for "guy who should not grow a Moooostache". Rutt should spend some $$$ and buy a better hair piece for his lip. Beauprez's banks would fail with that thing. Holtzman should go Goatee.


Fitz-gerald looks sexier with a mustach. It fits her manly bodily features!


Hey Underdog-what do you look like with a mustache?

Alva Adams

There it is...the first obvious joke. Colorado Underdog is the unofficial winner.


Ask your mom...had one last night when I went down on her. She is quite hairy! Please urge her to shave!

Alva Adams

But seriously, please keep it as respectful as possible.



April Fools! I didn't go down on your Mom last night. I did it two weeks ago!



I see that the college republicans are back.


The joke is on you that was not my mom, it was the family dog but then given your past few girlfriends I doubt you would know the difference.


Does anyone else think Underdog and Overdog are in reality just one person having a conversation in what seems to be his or her own private world?

Rob M.

I do, there is always one in the crowd who takes the joke to far. I think Ritter will actually grow a moustache as pictured above to fit in the law firm with Strickland and McInnis. They must have "the hair club for men" as a client.


Surely we can write in Rocky columnist Mike Littwin as a candidate.


Litwins hair is so out of control its hard to tell where the mop on his head ends and his facial hair begins. That guy must be a member of the Ted Kazanski (sp?) fan club.



Don't be talking about your Mom that way. It's not nice. College Republicans are back???? Who in the hell are the College Republicans??? Aren't they a wortheless organization built on the coat tails of the College Sex and Rock and Rolls?

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