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what the hell is that about? Alva, I don't know about this. I like this site for the rumors, not for the opionation of some random people who also won't say who they are. I say you pull the plug on these jokers unless they admit who they are so we can understand their credibility. It took you dead Guvs' some time to build up your own cred, why waste it on these two? We get plenty of feedback from both sides of the spectrum already.


Here here. Essaywhuman is right. Dump the opinators -- we can get that in the papers.


I say we give these two a chance. Inside information is nice, and is one of the reasons I read this blog. If Red Hawk and Arkhangel can prove themselves, why not let them fight it out? We're all still free to take potshots from sidelines! Though I agree that the Colorado Pols people should continue to account for the majority of postings.

Alva Adams

Hold on, hold on. Let's give it a whirl for a bit first. It's always good to bring more ideas to the table, and that's what Lefty and Red are doing - and I can assure you that their opinions will be supported with facts. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work - but let's wait and see.

You'll still get the same inside information from us, and if you want to skip straight to it, click on the Colorado Pols link underneath the Governor Line.


I totally disagree. Bring it on man, I would love to hear from those who have been playing the political game longer than I have.

Honestly, I could care less what their real identities are. It lends an element of Superman/Clark Kent atmosphere to the debate. ;-)


Just tell me why these two are so qualified. I happen to know that insiders from both sides read and post on this site. You can tell from some of the insightful things you read here. I just don't understand why these two get carte blanche. At least pull them off the front page, create a special section for them to bicker so I can ignore them if I decide they suck.


Whatever man. You are free to go whereever you like on the site.


When did it become important to know who somebody was online? Drudge can still spout from random sources, and the newspapers can use "Republican sources wishing to be anonymous". Why can't we have the anonymous people directly write something, or does it have to be interpreted?

You can complain, but I doubt they will listen - they can do whatever they want since it is their site. I can be annoyed on the lack of extendend entries, but if they like it that way I'll deal.


This is totally stupid.


drop Lefty Rivera. This is boring.


Drop Lefty and Red Hawk. Boring. Regular blog postings are better.


What campign medal(s) do you have?

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