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I would be seriously shocked if Hickenlooper ran for governor. I think the statement that he loves his job is a very clear, "No I will not be running."



The quote from Hick's press person is a variation on the line he has consistently used, when asked about Governor. However, it is a long way from "No I will not be running."

Indeed, he may not run, but if you have absolutely no intention of running, then you say so, unequivocally. You say: "No I will not be running."

I continue to believe that in the end he will run, and by leaving the door open, as he is, that speculation will continue to be fueled.


As with past quotes from Hickenlooper and his staff on the Governor's race, this one has left an opening large enough for Ben Nighthorse Campbell to drive his semi through.


When someone doesn't want to run for a particular office they may still want to get as much mileage out of being considered for it as they can.

Case in point: Everyone knew that DeGette wouldn't be running for the U.S. Senate last year, but she was still very put-out that people weren't talking about her and considering her as a potential candidate. Not because she wanted people to recruit her to run, but because she becomes more important if people think she could make a credible run for U.S. Senate.

Don't forget that when your name is tossed about as a potential candidate for higher office it makes it that much more likely that your name will be tossed about the next time a higher office opens up. And next time you might run.


I had really come around on Hick for Governor until I was in a small group with him the other day. He said that if he was in the race, he would win.

That statement bothers me for a couple of reasons. First, just because you ran a good (maybe great) Mayor's race, doesn't mean you can win statewide. It's a whole other animal. Second, the statement is too cocky. Even if Hick feels that way, keep it to yourself. It will piss off insiders like me.


I just read through the Washington Poast Article about McInnis. Sick. I saw McInnis as an elitest when I lived in Durango, but this kind of fund misuse is disgusting.

If McInnis does run for Gov, it will be the perfect time to get this story out in a big way.


Interesting Breaking news on 3rd CD. He's got support of Owens, Norton and McInnis:



Where's the open thread?

That's better than lefty and righty.

You guys are hurting this site. Compare number of posts today versus pre-gimick days.

Roger D

Too many Rogers all of a sudden. This is confusing, particularly as we may disagree. From now on, I am Roger D

Roger Dalkins

t christopher

Who cares what the Washington Post says we know where they lean. At least ask Scott McInnis about what really happened!! Scott will make a great Govenor!!!

Ter Ducken

The story isn't an editorial. You can't deny campaign finance spending. It's in the report that he had to file, clear as day. Save your conspiracy theories. McInnis did this to himself.

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