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I cannot believe for a second that Justin Everett would have a chance at this seat. He just lost the vacancy committee for Don Lee's seat, why doesn't he do what is in the district's best interests instead of his own?


I think the bigger issue might be, instead, Norma "I refuse to leave politics, they'll have to drag me out kicking and screaming" Anderson.


That is true. Is Norma thought that the party would replace her with an extreme right winger, she may say just to spite them. In addition, If she gets the appointment as Insurance Commissioner, it would only be for a year and a half before a new Governor is sworn in and I have doughts that a Democrat or another Republican Governor would keep her.

Jeff Dem

As one of only 2 Democrats present at Don Lee's Vacancy Committee, I was shocked when Justin Everett didn't get the appointment. He clearly was far and beyond the best out of the 4. After speaking with Justin after the committee meeting, I was very impressed and would actually consider voting for him. We need young dynamic people with new solutions to problems in education and health care in the state legislature. He would be an excellent candidate for Norma's seat in 2006, and a tough candidate for anyone to beat. He clearly cares about the district and its residents, I didn't get the impression that he's in it for himself.

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