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It's been no secret that women have done well for Dems in the 7th and particularly JeffCo...Deanna Hanna, Sue Windels, Joan Fitz-Gerald, Gwen Green, Morgan Carrol, and Jenn Mello won the 7th.

On a completley different note, the line for the legislature makes no sense. Because there are only 2 options - Dems or Republicans having control - your numbers don't add up. You predict that Dems have a 33% chance of winning (2-1), but that the Republicans have a 16% chance of winning (6-1). That means that you think 50% chance neither party will take control of the legislature. Sounds like a good year for Greens. Look at the line for a sporting game (where you only have the chance of one of two teams winning) to see how to handicap this.


Didn't I say this last week? Internal Party pressure for her to stay put is getting heavy.


Morgan is Colorado's "Obama." She is going to go far and a CD7 run sounds like a great soundstage for her message. She can win it, hands down.

Too bad she doesn't have a few more elected years under her belt for a run for gov. ...But, wait! Is that a requirement? Morgan would certainly make the gov race be about issues, not who has the best dressed campaign organization.....and it's time for the middle-aged white guys to move over....


She is ACLU ambulance chaser. It is way to early for her to run for Congress or Gov.


A Carroll - O'Donnell race in the 7th would be ideal...for the Republicans. Carroll can run on her "worker's comp - it's not a problem, it's a lifestyle" platform. The D's only want her to run to get her out of the statehouse. She alone is attempting to derail Romanoff's moderate agenda.

Waak should definitely get Carroll to run to show the litigation liberals that there is a candidate out there for them. Remember, we want Mo' Carroll.


(breaking 3rd CD News)
Looks like Scott Tipton has all his ducks lined up for tha 3rd CD run. According to the Cortez Journal, Tipton should have Owens, Norton and McInnis behind him. I don't know if primary voters can forgive Matt Smith for tacitly supporting John Salazar over Walcher. I also hear that Penry's been presured to keep his seat.

Connect on the link for today's story from the Cortez Journal:


LITTLETON - A Cortez businessman with political ties to the Republican Party is gaining some momentum for a potential 2006 run for Congress.

Scott Tipton, owner of Mesa Verde Pottery, acknowledged during Saturday's state GOP central committee meeting that he is considering a bid for the 3rd Congressional District seat.

"I'm taking a serious and aggressive look at this," he said. "I plan to visit many of our (29) counties in the 3rd District to get some feedback and see about, in some capacity, forming an exploratory committee."

Barring opposition in a 2006 Republican primary, a decision by Tipton to run for Congress would put him up against current U.S. Rep. John Salazar, a Democrat from Manassa, who was elected last November.

Tipton said that Salazar was a "pleasant fellow," and that "he would always vote correctly on issues such as water, agriculture and multiple use." However, he added that a Republican could better represent the district in a GOP-controlled Congress.

"It looks as though John Salazar is going to hold the old-time Democratic Party line on issues like Social Security," Tipton said. "His first vote as a congressman was to elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker."

Last week, Salazar introduced legislation that would prevent Social Security payroll taxes from being diverted to establish private accounts.

Salazar led Democrats in bringing House Resolution 1330 to the floor for immediate consideration, but that attempt failed Thursday on a party-line vote, 230-202.

Tipton, 48, appears to be the choice among numerous state Republicans. Gov. Bill Owens mentioned Saturday that Tipton would be the right man to represent the district.

"(Scott) would be an outstanding candidate and congressman," Owens said. "I've known him for more than 20 years, and he is a sound businessman and community activist."

Tipton backed Owens when he was running for state treasurer in the early 1990s, as well as when Owens ran for governor in 1998 and 2002.

"Scott's the kind of guy we need representing us (in Washington D.C.)," Owens added.

For the past eight years, Tipton has been chairman of the 3rd District Committee, a position to which he was re-elected Saturday by acclamation. In that capacity he organizes the district assembly during election years and helps promote the agenda of Republican elected officials and candidates from the region.

Currently, Tipton serves on the board of trustees for the Crow Canyon Archeological Center, as an advisory board member of Pueblo Community College and as a director for Vectra Bank Colorado.

Tipton is a former GOP central committee chairman of Montezuma County, who twice ran President Reagan's regional campaign in the 1980s. He earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Fort Lewis College in 1978.

Another prominent Republican weighing in on a possible Tipton candidacy was former 3rd District Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Grand Junction.

"I believe Scott (Tipton) would make a formidable candidate and public servant," McInnis said. "I have never talked to anyone in business (who he has worked with) that said anything but positive things about him."

When walking outside to the Marriott Hotel parking lot Saturday, Lt. Gov. Jane Norton paused during a cell phone conversation to say "Tipton for Congress," as Mancos Republican Bob Gaddis and Tipton were talking near the main entrance.

Tipton also garnered some praise from Republicans of Mesa and La Plata counties.

"I think he's a good guy and is well informed with the party," La Plata County GOP Chairwoman Shannon Richardson said. "Scott understands where the party needs to go, which is more toward conservative values."

Mesa County Chairwoman Lois Dunn, a Republican, agreed.

"Scott understands the district and knows (the counties) have to come together," she said. "We all have the same battles in keeping our quality of life."

Dunn specifically mentioned Tipton's demeanor as being appealing.

"I think he will come across well to voters," Dunn explained. "Scott interacts well with people and connects with them personally."

The GOP chairwoman cited the need for Republicans to settle on fewer primary candidates for 2006. At one point in 2004, 11 candidates were vying for the 3rd District nomination.

"We need to refrain from having the same number of candidates enter the race and duke it out again," Dunn said.

One 2004 primary candidate who may give a 3rd District run another look is Matt Smith of Grand Junction, who was narrowly defeated last summer by nominee Greg Walcher. No Republican has officially announced a 2006 campaign for the 3rd District seat.

"We might jump in," Smith said Saturday. "But it's difficult to take on an incumbent. We're holding on to see what happens."

Smith is waiting out a possible appointment as deputy director of the Department of Interior's water and science office. He was recently nominated by U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colorado, for the position, which could be viewed as a political maneuver to sway Smith from running for Congress against John Salazar.

The federal position would require a nomination from President Bush, followed by confirmation of the full Senate.

Another option Smith is considering is a bid for the open seat of retiring state Sen. Ron Teck, R-Grand Junction.


Anyone who thinks Mark Paschall could not take this seat, or thinks that he would review the list of candidates before making a decision to jump into the 7th, is not astute in the realm of Colorado politics. This guy has proven he can win tough races and is the most feared darkhorse in the Republican and Dem parties.
Be careful to sell him short. Many who have end up being beat by him.


"Morgan is Colorado's "Obama." She is going to go far and a CD7 run sounds like a great soundstage for her message. She can win it, hands down."

this statement might take the cake as the most ridiculous overstatement ever posted on this board.

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