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Well, no big surprise, but Holtzman is officially in...


I wonder what the timing will be for the others in the race?


Not the best quotes in that article for Holtzman. He praises Bill Richardson and talks about "left-wing tree hugger(s)" in the same speech? Usually in a primary candidates move towards the poles and then come back to the middle for the general campaign, but trying to do both at the same time... doesn't look to quick...


I don't think this is a big deal. It's not like he was making a policy speech. It was a speech to a rotary group. Holtzman is the smartest man in this race so far.


Anyone have any comments on McInnis running for Governor?


Dan - before you get a bunch of smart-ass comments about all the posts on here about his (possible) candidacy, check out the archives for the past month. There are quite a few posts with links to articles on the subject.


McInnis should run for Governor. So should his protege Josh Penry for the Third Congressional. This is the perfect team to Represent the Western Slope. Finally we'd have some clout!


On a campaign every speech is a big speech. First impressions are lasting impressions...


Um ... that's very profound. What impression did he make? Were you there? The paper don't leave an impression.


Riggs, for whom are you shilling? Just wondering since you're clearly trying to denigrate a "speech" by Holtzman. He was speaking, off-the-cuff, I'm sure, to a Rotary group. Get over it - if every speech were an "important" speech in a campaign cycle, you'd never see any candidate get off the ground - although it would be great from a pro's standpoint to get your guy's name in the paper every day!

And Holtzman has made quite a lasting first impression already by coopting some traditional dem issues and turning them into assets. He's not going to play to the wing-nut base and betray his prinicples - he hasn't been in the game long enough to be that damn jaded and disingenuous (unlike the others in the running).


I've met Holtzman and he left a great impression. I met other candidates in this race and they left awful impressions. Impressions aren't made in rotary meetings. They are made throughout grueling months on the campaign trail, in TV commercials, etc. I look forward to voting for Holtzman who so far has left a great impression with me.



What an adorable little scamp! Next semester take a class on "political behavior". I'm not sure if your school offers one but hey... who cares, right... Josh Penry was your quarterback!

This issue has been beaten to death here:


You'll note that there are plenty of other super-duper posts filled with seasoned, insightful political perspective on Josh Penry just like yours, little chief!

Penry has a chance if Salazar, Matt Smith, Greg Rippy, Bernie Buescher, Jim Isgar, and about 9 other people suddenly die. As stated many times over, Penry is a 29-year-old career politician whose ambition is greater than his desire to serve. Not only does he not have a shot at winning, he's embarrassing himself by running. He should chill for a while and run for State Senate later on. I don't think the GOP really wants a patsy in this race. It's too competitive of a seat.

Penry and Joanna Conti should mate and force their offspring to run for congress in 2040 in order to fulfill their unrealized ambitions vicariously. By then, Penry will have an overeating problem and a nasty ether habit while Conti will be moonlighting as a BSDM Fetish Mistress.



Alva Adams

The "left-wing tree hugger" quote is interesting, however. Statements like that, if they continue, could indicate that Holtzman is moving towards a more right-wing approach in hopes of winning the primary from the right. If this is part of the same stump speech, that might be what he's doing.


Romanoff was at a Weld Co. forum last weekend and came back to Denver concerned about farmer's issues... look for him to be a serious contender for Governor real soon (even though his heart is going to DC, he can do great things for the state of CO). Penry should stop cozy-ing up to Kathleen Curry. The talk in the Capitol is that they have a pact to help each other out in Natural Resources/Ag committee and it is becoming apparent that these two Frosh have big agendas.


Romanoff is a lightweight. If that's the best the D's have to offer, the GOP is on easystreet.


You passed that test.


What's the scoop with Rutt Bridges' team?


Can we stop talking about Josh Penry already? He is young, and ambitious, and conservative in a very scary way, but conspiracy theories about he and Kathleen Curry is just silly and, if it were true, would at least be comforting to know there are at least two people in the state legislature who know how to build coalitions and get things done.


Romanoff is a political genius and probably the youngest Speaker of the House Colorado has seen this century. He is definitely a rising star, but I doubt that he will run for Governor yet. I suspect that Romanoff will run for, and easily win, Ken Gordon's seat in the State Senate (where Romanoff also resides) when Ken Gordon is term limited, probably without primary opposition despite the fact that it is a safe seat. From there, with even more experience, Romanoff would be a likely successor to Diana DeGette or a likely U.S. Senate candidate from Colorado.

Ken Gordon is probably a more likely candidate for statewide office. He's been taking every speaking opportunity he can find to build name recognition, is a Democratic legislative leader, is older, and has fewer places to go, as he wouldn't mount a primary challenge against Diana DeGette or Ken Salazar, is likely to back down from Udall's run for U.S. Senate against Allard, and has already exhausted his time as State Senator.

Ken Gordon isn't really the AG type. But, he'd be a likely SOS or Lt. Gov or Gov candidate.


according to my records, Romanoff lives in Grossman's senate district.


Is anyone else hearing rumblings that Mike Feeley is being seriously considered as the next President of the University of Colorado? The rumor mill is churning on the Boulder campus.

Golden Buff

I heard that Mike Hesse, the former Chief of Staff for Congressman McInnis, is seriously being considered for this position.


Sorry, Ken Gordon has about as much chance as Dan Grossman in winning state-wide----> neither can do it. Gordon would be a horrible LtGov choice, no matter who the nominee is. I think he's an allright guy you know, but... he's better off holding for DeGettes seat or shooting for an appointment of somekind. He dosn't have the electebility outside Denver/Metro. He's s the face of the "whiney Denver liberal". Best LtGov choice---> Jim Isgar.


Romanoff does not live in Gordon's seat... yet. get your facts right.

He may run for the Senate, but it's a fall back. He's thought about running for Treasurer as well.


Speaking of good Treasurer candidiates----> Jim Isgar.

This guy can go way further than the Senate if he wants to.

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