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I don't know where you're getting your info from, but Chris has been asking for a recount ever since your fabled "Monday after the election." That hasn't changed.

As for a recount, we're Democrats!!! Have we learned nothing from Florida, Ohio, Washington, and numerous other tight races across the country? When an election is as close as the one betweebn Gates and Waak, Democrats must support a recount unless they wish to appear totally hippocritical.

Alva Adams

Gates has talked about it forever, but he hasn't done much specifically. Do it or don't - don't just talk about it.

Phoenix Rising

It was recounted at least twice during the re-org meeting, with credentials and rules committees looking on and verifying votes. Gates needs to let it go - the party has already done what he's asking, and it didn't turn out his way. It's not like the ballots were run through a machine. It's not like we had multiple candidates with no-votes in the "Chair" spot. It's not like we had people voting who weren't on the lists. And it's not like we were counting thousands of votes... Time to move on.


Hey Chrissy and Paulie lost -- they had every chance and opportunity to present at the convention their claims that votes should have been counted -- the committee structure was in place to make such rulings --
instead of acting that day Paul Lhevine acted like a deer caught in headlights -- they had every opportunity to contest fully and present every claim at the convention -- they chose not to do so and are now whining crazy stuff about Florida -- duh who was in charge of the proxies -- Paul Lhevine could have made sure that they were submitted properly but chose to stand in the corner playing the big shot all day --
If, Chris thinks that the DNC will bail him out he'd better double check -- Chris has not one friend in the national party hierarchy and like many Coloradans laughed their ass off when they learned he lost

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