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John Marshall and Frank McNulty gets my vote. Those guys are studs!


the Dem rising star awards this year went to Morgan Carroll and Mike Miles (Speaker Romanoff got the Dem of the Year). Last year, if I recall correctly, Jana Locke got a rising star award as well (she has since gone to DC for law/grad school.)

There are younger rising stars in both parties that are worth noting. Keep your eyes out for those.

grouchy R

John Marshall? Honestly!


Enough about Marshall. McNulty's name is being circulated by well knowns in DougCo for Harvey's seat. He would be a highly credible candidate and would able to raise more money than the rest...the field has yet to round out.

Red Hawk Sucks

Underdog & Red Hawk-
You guys sure do like to blow smoke up Culpeppers ass. He was mediocre at BEST, and my sources tell me that he mismanged Coors Springs office so bad, that volunteers didn't want to show up until Broerman got involved and pleaded with them.

And hey Wertz, don't let that police record thing of yours stop you from being a Dem Rising Star. I am sure you can use that as a resume enhancer with that party!

Ray Lopez

Rising stars in the Colorado democratic party...hmm? If alcoholic midgets are not excluded, I would certainly go with Sal Pace.

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