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I heard they hired a guy named Hans to be the ED for the republicans. Has anyone else heard anything about this?


I agree! Where are all the women? Sal Pace is the District Director for the older Salazar! I hear he's doing great things!


Jennifer Mello is the go to woman in the Democratic party and a definite rising star.


Christine Burtt on the R side would need to be a "political force". But an up and comming star? We may be lacking for raw talent within our party...


christine burtt is a leech with a questionable track record. aside from nicholson, she has little accomplishments to point to. who are the promising up and comers in the republican party?


Not sure if you'd call Stansbery a rising star or not - he's been there for a while. Like Redhawk said, with another race or two (with successful results) he'll be there.

Tyler Nifong at Phase Line, very early in the 'rising' stage, has potential but Phase Line seems to be getting out of the 'managing major campaigns' business. We'll see.


Tyler is good. Phaseline has a lot of up and comers with real potential.


Any younger females out there with potential for the R's?


I'll give you one Tyler Nifong and raise you a George Culpepper.


What does that mean?


Culpepper has done more in less time than Nifong; he's raw talent right now - and if he tempers well, he'll be a major asset to any campaign in the future.


I see your Culpepper and raise you a Pink Pants....

Culpepper was good for Coors as field staff but is now working for Shultheis. Yeesh.


Do you have any favorite younger females on the Republican side?


George and Tyler are both good, and came from Tonner's camp. Do you have any thoughts on Tonner and Phaseline's crew RedHawk?


The best talent from the Coors camp got picked up by the Governor. Adam Johnson and Rob O'Regan are a dynamic duo as Owens' advance team. Their work ethic and political instincts make them an impressive pair. Rumor has it O'Regan may jump on as Coffman's Politcal Director. Keep an eye on this pair in '06.


you are too funny SemperFi.


A Woman Republican... okay - how about Kristi Pollard from Allards Staff. She would certainly meet my standard for a quality, watchoutforherinthefuture, STAR.


oops... I have to correct myself; Kristi is now the Director of Public Policy for the Southeast Business Partnership. See - that's the problem with folks like these - they move from place to place, eager to learn and do more.

Ter Ducken

I volunteered some for Mitch Morrissey - those guys knew what they were doing.

Al T

are there really just not that many dems?


I disagree with Adam and Rob being the best out of the Coors campaign and the rising star. I watched the final results in November and these two did not get the job done in their area of assignment. I also watched George Culpepper and Dierk ? in the Southern Region. These two proved themselves and the RESULTS showed. I believe the Governor's camp picked Adam and Rob up because he needed some low performance guys to do his dirty work. Remember, at this stage, Owens is turning out to be worthless in the GOP Party. Anyone working with him will be bruised for a long time.

I have to agree with Red Hawk on Culpepper. For a guy to work on the Coors campaign, then work for a legislator who heavily supported Schaffer and didn't like Coors and then ran against Schultheis' former Aide Dave Crater, beat him on a two to one margin and become El Paso County's Vice Chair...that my friends is impressive!

This guy will go far in politics as long as he continues to get along with all Republicans!


Today I'm trying to remember who won the 'Rising Star' award for the Colorado Dems at the JJ Dinner. Here's what I remember for the past 5 years:

2000: Michael Carrigan
2001: Entire State Senate Majority (although they might have added House members too)
2002: Scott Martinez
2003: Steve O'dorisio
2004: Cody Wertz
2005: Morgan Carroll & Andrew Romanoff

If anyone remembers differently, more power to you.

red dove

I wouldn't say that beating Dave Crater for Vice Chair was a particularly impressive accomplishment.


Red Hawk-
Is George the only Phaseline/Tonner star you would nominate?

Cody Worse

Wertz has been riding this "rising star" thing for a while now. Can we talk about someone else? His neanderthol head gives me the creeps.

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