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*An update from 9 News, 10:14 PM*

BOULDER - Centennial Middle School says the Boulder Camera was wrong when it reported Friday that the school has decided to ban hugging.

The newspaper said that the ban was in response to teachers' concerns that some students' displays of affection were excessive. The article quoted students who said they were told to give "high fives" to friends and limit hugs.

The school's principal responded with a letter to parents saying that the school hasn't adopted any new policies. The letter says there have been some recent concerns about 6th grade students arriving late for class. It said several reasons for the lateness were raised during a discussion between students and the assistant principal. The reasons included lingering at lockers, students walking each other to class, horseplay and long goodbye hugs.

But Principal Cheryl Scott said it was students who started the rumor that the school was banning hugs.

"We think Centennial is a great school and we take great pride in our strong academic reputation as well as the fair and respectful treatment of our students," she wrote in a letter to parents.

"We want to make it clear that there has been no new policy surrounding hugging."

Scott said the school would continue to support "developmentally appropriate displays of affection among our students, while monitoring for excessive displays."


Jesus! No wonder why American kids score so badly on standardized test when compared to Europeans and Asians.
Having these retarded "educators" school our kids makes as much sense as letting Michael Jackson operate a day-care center or having Saddam Hussein give a lecture on human rights

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