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I know Weins - and I don't think he'll run, at the end of the day, against Beuaprez. For what it's worth.


Don't think Club for Growth and National Taxpayers Union are gonna let Beauprez or Holtzman skate with that answer. First real test of the 2006 Governor's race. Do you side with a popular Governor who can help you in a primary and general election or worry about the convention where the rank and file will watch every word on TAXES. It will be interesting to see who blinks first Beauprez or Holtzman. It is also interesting that no one is pressuring McInnis could it be he is already out of the race? And as we knew from the start Tom Weins is not credible material for any type of tough race out side of an 80% republican district... too much baggage.


First, Beauprez's response, the 'chainsaw surgery' analogy is pretty ironic, considering TABOR itself is designed to perform chainsaw surgery.

Second, Holtzman and Ritter both seem not to understand that a temporary de-brucing is not "altering" TABOR since Ref C actually conforms to TABOR's provisions.


Could it be that Ritter actually is TRYING to appeal to Republicans? As the only pro-life Democrat, crossing over to the dark side isn't a long walk.


Woman, I am confused. you said that Ritter is not far from crossing over to the dark side, which means that he will stay a Democrat, correct?


But really - do you think he might be actively trying to court republicans by doing this survey? getting his name id up??

Donald E. L. Johnson

I think BB and MH will support Referendum C, and it won't be an issue in the primary. To me, it seems likely that the issue will be, who can win the general. It will be a personality race.



You always entertain me.


I would have prefered a better answer from Marc - I thought he was trying to nip at Bob from the Right, but I guess not.

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