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crispus attucks

Who was the guy wearing the lapel pin and ear piece?

Who authorized him to kick people out?

James C. Hess

Don't forget to have someone in your camp to contact MoveOn.Org about their role in this matter.

Phoenix Rising

I think we can reasonably count out MoveOn.org as a driving force here; 3 people does not a mass protest make, and this was a public meeting.

Oh, no! It's the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy!


And???? What is her point?

Curious Stranger

James, since you seem to have some inside information that is not seeing the light of day, why don't you share with us the role of MoveOn.Org in this matter?

Ter Ducken

Nobody ever pays attention to James. He never makes a real argument, just spews nonsense buzzphrases that he hears on the radio. Just ignore him.

Phoenix Rising


Don't you SEE?!? These 3 terrorists came to this meeting so that they could wear their T-shirts silently while listening to the President! Because they belonged to the "No blood for oil" group, they were obviously part of MoveOn.org. I bet if you dug far enough, they were paid by George Soros, who got his money from drug dealers!

It's a typical left-wing-loony plot planned at the highest levels by Hillary and Ted Kennedy. People like this hate America and support Osama bin Laden by trying to disrupt the President's speeches like this.

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