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Beauprez's campaigning openly in McInnis's hometown? In the Republican base of the 3rd CD? Way, way out of his own district?

Very interesting... and earlier than expected. I'm thinking it's a show of force to put pressure on McInnis to get out.


Ya think?


There you go again… Bridges has been traveling the state for weeks now, getting press everywhere he goes, but you all don’t care about that. Why? Because for some reason you’re obsessed with Beauprez.

At first I thought maybe you were just enamored with him; that his flashy smile and slick lies somehow won you over - or maybe you just really like Ref. A and everyone who supported it.

But now I think you’re actively trying to undermine the Democrats. I can’t think of any other explanation for your untrue and incredible critique of the people around Bridges from an “anonymous really big Dem donor,” (aka “We made it up!”) and a total lack of any similar critique of Beauprez’ barely competent staff!

And now you’re talking up YATES?! Give me a freakin’ break! Yates will run if my pants spontaneously combust, and not until then.

What gives? You guys are really blowing your credibility by not covering the Democrats who are actually going to run, and by kissing ass to Beauprez every chance you get! You’re actively undermining the Democrats, and I’m seriously worried that this site IS in fact a Republican front – if it’s not, then you need to realize how much damage you’re doing to the Democratic party with your wild speculation, untrue negative attacks, and constant kissing up to Beauprez.

Get it under control, guys, or give it up.

astute reader

ColoBLT, try reading who posts each message. This one was posted by Red Hawk - the resident right-winger and self-described Beauprez booster.

The other posts you referenced were by the ColoradoPols people - who have been much more objective about Beauprez.


I can read, buddy, and I also know that a lot of other people can read, too. The balance on the website is WAY out of whack, and the folks at coloradopols need to get it under control.

London Bridges

You must have missed the consistent drum beat of coverage herein given to the "Bush 3" and BB's invololvement with it. Of course, much of it is driven by the media.

Perhaps your counter argument is that any press is good press?

Bridges is a white, liberal, ultra-rich guy. Not exacly a newsflash. He's not an elected official so he gets little earned media. And right now, Dems are still hoping Hickenlooper runs so they don't have to hang their hats on Rutt. Just like Republicans were hoping BB would get in because not enough have faith that Holtzman can pull it off.


There is Hickenlooper love on this site too - and Bridges isn't committed since Hickenlooper won't say either way. And the Udall spec. stopped once he committed to Senate 2008. Bridges isn't making news - the general bent lately is the TABOR fix and random governor speculation.

And BB is a white, convserative, rich guy. But he is also a congressman. Hopefully one of them know how much gas costs right now.

Rock 5

This post was so funny, especially the ColoBLT rant!

Instead of a Friday facial hair post, how about a swim suit edition. But please... for the sake of the children... let's leave FitzGerald off this week!


ColoBLT...Who is it that you are supporting again?

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