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vocab nerd

Random observation for a slow Friday:

It seems the word "snarky" is beginning to become part of Colorado's political lexicon, thanks to the antics of Colorado Pols (as described by the Denver Post's Susan Greene).

Dani Newsome used it in her latest diatribe, describing a David Harsanyi column.

Jim Chapman used it over at his blog, describing the media at the President's presser last night.

I think one more use qualifies as a trend.

vocab nerd

Forgot the link for Jim Chapman:


Is that the same Jim Chapman from Rocky Mountain Family Council?



Phoenix Rising

Snarky is catching on across the blogosphere. It won't be long before it's jumped the shark and fades into normalcy.

Hugo O'conor

That column by Dani Newsome was pretty snarky. (does that make it 3? ;))


i think "phoenix rising" just helped to coin a new phrase here for colorado pols...

old colorado politicians just don't fade into the woodwork, statewide issues just don't lose their luster -- they JUMP THE SNARKY!



April 28, 2005
Contact: Scott Yeldell (970) 227-2552

Wayne Rutt and Paul Marrick Launch Parents for Truth in Education

FORT COLLINS – Wayne Rutt and Paul Marrick have launched a grassroots organization, Parents for Truth in Education, to help increase public awareness of their complaint against the Poudre Education Association.

In February, Rutt and Marrick filed a complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office alleging that the PEA regularly used Poudre School District resources to campaign on behalf of Bob Bacon for State Senate.

On Monday, a hearing will address both the PEA’s motion to dismiss the complaint and Rutt and Marrick’s motion to join the PSD and the Colorado Education Association to their complaint against the PEA.

Rutt and Marrick launched Parents for Truth in Education to help raise awareness of their complaint and to help cover legal fees.

“We’re just two parents with children in Fort Collins schools,” said Rutt. “We happened upon what we believe to be massive abuse of public resources intended for the children, and we decided to file a complaint. We don’t have the financial resources of the teachers union at our disposal. We can’t simply rely on an in-house legal counsel and network of seasoned political activists. Court costs and legal fees aren’t cheap, and we can’t extract money from paychecks like the union can.”

“It’s a bit like David versus Goliath here,” said Marrick. “We decided to form a grassroots organization to help us raise money and get the word out. We hope to attract interest from other Fort Collins parents and from parents around the state who are tired of watching teachers unions engage in partisan politics at the expense of the children.”

Parents for Truth in Education, with the website www.parentsfortruth.com, is a tax-exempt political organization. Scott Gessler of the Hackstaff Law Firm is counsel to Parents for Truth in Education.


Parents for Truth... good too see someone is actualy taking on the teacher's union finally.


Yeah, teachers who want to make decent pay and are tired of getting treated like crap really should be lined up and shot.

Dripping sarcasm . . .


Thanks to whoever posted that press release on Colorado Pols. We have been keeping track of this story at From the Desk Of... (northerncoloradopolitics.blogspot.com) for sometime, we are just glad this is starting to recieve the statewide attention it deserves.


Strider naturally is ignoring that fact that the teacher's union is NOT infavor of merit based pay or anything resembling incentives for excellence. Teacher's are only treated like crap because of the UNION thugs who bully them around.
Parents for Truth (http://www.parentsfortruth.com) are standing up for students, teachers and parents by fighting the school district and the thugs in the teachers union.


additionally, the lawsuit, is a civil complaint, which has been filed because the school district and the teacher's union BROKE THE LAW. yes, Strider, as hard as it is for you to wrap your liberal mind around it, the teacher's unipn violate all kinds of state and federal laws. they BROKE they law, now they're gonna pay for it... http://www.parents fortruth.com


Hey, CSU GOP, do YOU know the identity of the Mystery Man who ousted the Denver Three from the alleged Town Hall?


IF members of the Poudre Education Association used public resources to support a candidate, then they should be held accountable. That is a line that should never be crossed.

But, I hate to see all teachers' unions lumped together into one evil conglomerate plotting against our children, because of the actions of a few. One would think these "union bosses" were walking around with tire irons, threatening to beat your children if they don't get full dental benefits.

I know some people will never believe this, but most people do not get into education for the money. These unions have two purposes: to protect the rights of the workers (gasp!) AND promote quality education.

If you're really interested as a parent, or a citizen, take the time to contact a local teachers' union and find out what they are about.



Nothing I am going to say is going to change your minds about unions. You obviously made up your minds about unions long ago, i.e they can do nothing right, and are pure evil.


IF they broke the law then they should be punished. I agree. So wipe the saliva from your face and relax.

It should be noted, however, that this audit of campaign contributions is a frequent tactic of fat cat conservatives looking to take out their competition in the political arena. If that is NOT the case in this, ok. But do not jump to conclusions before the facts are known.


Hey lumberjack, isn't it obvious? Someone from the Poudre Education Association, disguised as an event volunteer, disguised as a Secret Service agent, was responsible.

It's the old Double Bluff. It's an XK Red 27 technique.


Thanks, CSU Dem. CSU GOP is probably trying to figure out how the Mystery Man was able to stretch his handsome salary to cover flying around to the various town halls.

Phoenix Rising

Prediction: Conti will be out of the race Really Soon Now.

With a lack of major support and two big candidates battling it out above her, she's fighting an uphill battle that's taking a lot out of her. There's not much of an opening for smaller voices now that the only other smaller voice, Polsfut, is out...


Those two candidates fighting it out will help Conti. She should stay in the race.


Once again Strider has gotten it wrong. After a little research into the Parents for Truth lawsuit, he will find that it is a civil complaint over clear violations of election law, where the PEA, CEA and Poudre School district used taxpayer funded resources to support Democrat State Senate candidate Bob Bacon. There is clear evidence of election law violations.

Also, it should be noted that as a conservative I am unafraid to stick to the issue at hand, unlike Strider, CSU DEM and lumberjack who try to distract from the issue they are losing by introducing red herring into the discussion.


So, what does "merit based pay or anything resembling incentives for excellence" or "UNION thugs" have to do with this case? Red herring?

Typical radical anti-union rhetoric. Paint everyone associated with a union into the same corner.



"Also, it should be noted that as a conservative I am unafraid to stick to the issue at hand, unlike Strider"

Before that you posted:

"the teacher's union is NOT infavor of merit based pay or anything resembling incentives for excellence."

How is the second quote at ALL related to the "issue at hand" of election violations? You are the one jumping all over that place not me.

UNION thugs! LOL What a joke. You make them sound like the Chicago mob. Come back to reality CSU GOP.

Phoenix Rising

The Colorado Springs Gazette is running a story today about pervasive Evangelical Christian bias at the Air Force Academy. Americans United has released a research report detailing systemic violations of 1st Amendment seperation, and is asking for a reply within 30 days.

Among the allegations are that, despite a 30% Catholic, 30% traditional Protestant, 30% Evangelical Protestant, and 10% other religion split, the Air Force chaplains are almost universally Evangelical. Other allegations include availability of passes for off-campus Sunday services, but non-availability of passes on other days for Jewish, Islamic, and other faiths.

If research turns up a Focus on the Family connection, it could add to the group's problems... With Focus being located right next door to the Academy, it wouldn't surprise me.


I use "Union thugs" for a reason. members of the PEA and CEA have threatend the two gentleman who are filing the complaint, as well as, bullying teachers and school board members trying to help Marrick and Rutt.

I also mentioned some of issues I personally have with unions, because I brought the whole thing up and since I did I can frame the debate however I like, and I'm not gonna let some weak stomached liberal highjack the terms of this debate.

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