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On top of this news flash about Bob Beauprez, look for Scott McInnis to quietly find a compelling personal reason not to move forward with his campaign. The Delay scandal has raised concerns about congressional travel and in the Colorado delegation McInnis was a big-time frequent flyer. I heard that he even took international trips AFTER he announced he wasn't going to run again -- raising questions about who paid for the travel and whether it was completely legitimate, Natalie Meyer probably regrets getting out on this one...


If Beauprez is already hiring staff for the gov race - where does that leave Bridges? What's his staffing looking like so far??


I agree with pollyblog about McInnis. He chose to end his political career in favor of making tons of money as a lawyer-lobbyist in Tom Strickland's firm (the king of lawyer-lobbyists!!!) No way the GOP is going to give him the big prize.


this blog sucks...


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