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wow ...


That is an impressive early total. Unfortunately, money won't make Holtzman taller or any less of a cold fish.

He seems like a pretty nice guy, but what an underwhelming, uncharismatic introvert! He seems to be in pain just trying to make small talk at receptions.

Hard to lead if people don't want to follow you.


Remember, Bruce Benson, Steve Schuck, and Pete Coors, are just some of the recent candidates who are millionaires and who have raised lots of money in their bid to become elected officials and lost.


wonderwoman - you're right, but looking at the other side of the coin, Beauprez is an example of a millionaire candidate who won....


Holtzman's not your normal rich dude. None of this money is his. And according to the people who've raised most of it, very little is from his family friends out-of-state. This is a guy who knows how to get things done in the business world, and this fundraising speaks to a broader ability to build the networks he needs to meet his goals. Not quite Benson, who tried to buy it himself, or Coors, who still wants his inherited money back.

But how much of this money came before the Beauprez announcement? How much came prior to the state convo, where McInnis got serious? How much did indeed come from out-of-state family friends? We'll need to see the line-items in the report before we really find out how viable he is.

That said, it seems clear that he'll be in this race longer than some people were hoping.

As a side note, he says at his various appearances that he's planning to go through the convention. Can anybody doubt him with these numbers?

Ter Ducken

I don't care who you are - that kind of fundraising would scare the crap out of me.

Roger D

With Coffman out of the race, the chances of a mult-candidate primary have diminished somewhat, however, if McInnis stays in, the kind of fundraising that Holtzman is demonstrating, almost ensures a three-way primary.


It is clear that Holtzman is becoming a very serious contender for Gov. I like his record and I like his values. We need someone who is relatively less well known (compared to McInnis and Beauprez) and I think Republicans have a better shot at winning this race.

Besides Beauprez is French. Yuck.


Holtzman's impressive early fundraising certainly makes the GOP race more interesting. Until we see exactly where the money came from, it is too early to say how much clout Holtzman brings to a primary. McInnis is an interesting choice beacuse he is moderately pro-choice, but I don't see how he can overcome being a politician-turned lawyer-lobbyist in the Republican party (they seem to prefer purists in all repects) and the scandal with Tom Delay paying his family from his campaign fund can't be helpful news for Mcinnis. Beauprez is clearly the most conservative choice, and despite the Denver Post's WEIRD editorial, I think Beauprez's winning personality trumps all (at least in the GOP primary field). Alav is right about this one. It's Beauprez all the way!


Hey, elpaso, you eat french fries, don't you? Besides, Beauprez is not French; his family is Belgain


Ralph --leran to spell --it's "Belgian' --


You can see the money here.


906 contributions. 804 of which were in $500 denominations. Having looked at it, I'm estimating 450 contributors for those 804, since very very few people didn't write two $500 checks (thank you common cause).

So we're looking at 450 contributors who've already maxed out for both the primary and the general. And another 100 smaller donors.

Impressive. I think.


Anybody else thinking Holtzman would make a phenomenal LG?


He got checks up until the last day, so he has some staying power. But I'm too lazy to analyze that at this time of day. Maybe he is trying to force a one on one with Beauprez, thinking that is his best bet.

And how many johnsons are there on this site? I know I'm not related to any of you.


That weirdo Post editorial makes more sense after reading Dan Haley's column today about Mayor Hickenlooper as a contrast. Looks like the Draft Hick "whispering" campaign has a new megaphone...

On the flip side, 61% approval sounds a little more realistic than 92%.



Holtzman posted impressive numbers I think this make the pressure to get get a money guy on the Dem side i.e. Rutt B. or Jared P. Holtzman is really at $2.5m to $5.5m because he can write his own check. Boy commen cause really kept the big money out of politics between rich candidates and 527's the campaign finance reform is a complete joke!!!


Rutt would be a disaster he is arrogant and self serving. He does have money but that should not be our guiding light. How come Colorado Pols mentions Gail Schoettler but not Rollie Heath? My vote is for Mike Miles the media loves him and Salazar owes him big for helping him get elected. If we want to heal the rift in the party we need Miles!

Alva Adams

Why don't we mention Rollie Heath and Mike Miles? For the same reason we don't try to put our pants on head-first - it's not going to happen.



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