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Welcome, Rebel. I look foward to the banter.


How can you use "Rebel" for someone who doesn't like Willie, Waylon, or Johnny Cash?

Illogical, indeed.

James C. Hess

In other words Rebel Dem is just another big-mouthed cowardly Liberal who lacks the courage of his convictions to admit to being who he really is, who always has his hand out, who doesn't have any actual solutions to anything, and likes to believe he knows what's best for everyone.

Simply, probably, a hack for The Denver Post or The Rocky Mountain News. I wouldn't surprised to learn Rebel Dem is actually Jim Spencer of The Rocky. That's about his speed.


Pardon James' comments, Rebel Dem, he has a lot of pent up anger against anonymity.

Thank you very much for pitching in. We're glad you're on board.


James, showing his true colors right up front. What a jerk.


Can't you guys block James from commenting? He's a prick.

James C. Hess

There it is: It's okay for 'Alva' and Rebel Dem to openly threaten people here, which is a federal criminal offense, by the way, but when I point out YOU are cowards for hiding behind dead people my First Amendment Rights should be violated.


JCH - really, give the guy at least a chance before you conservatives tear into him. You've had Red Hawk for weeks and we leave her alone.

Ter Ducken

Rebel Dem hasn't even posted yet! What the hell is wrong with you, James? I have a suggestion. Let's all just ignore him and maybe he'll take his hatred somewhere else.

Phoenix Rising

Time for the meds, James. You have no First Amendment Rights on a privately-run blog, though I have yet to see your comments censored by the moderators. And, as Ter Ducken points out, Rebel Dem hasn't even posted - kind of hard for him to openly threaten anyone at this point...


Johnny Cash is not country. He is rock and roll.


hello, i'm james c. hess and i'm here to ensure that reasonable, sane people will never listen to a word i have to say. thanks for your time and attention.

Rebel Dem

James C. Hess,

Thank you for the colorful and energetic welcome -- it made me laugh! Do you get angry watching clouds go by, as well?

By the way, Jim Spencer writes for the Post, not the Rocky, and he is not me. I'm not that young or that good looking.

Rebel Dem

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