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Joan would be a great Governor. Without Hick she is the only chance Dems have of getting the guv seat back.

Bridges and Ritter are laughably bad and Romanoff is a put off.

National Review



The sad part about the article is its divisiveness, boys versus girls. "I am voting for Beauprez because he cares about men's issues."

If you're a woman and you vote against Fitz-Gerald, then somehow you're against women's issues. I think it's incredibly degrading to women to say that they are voting for someone because of their gender first, issues second.

Surprisingly, when Jane Norton was a frontrunner, this article was absent. Why? Because Norton is pro-life and obviously against women's rights and only would appeal to men. Sad.

New Guy

Joan did take part in the negotiations...YES. Is she more responsible than Romanoff for holding this thing together? .....NO. Maybe Joan is playing politics & trying to grab more credit than is due... This is hurting the caucus in the process.


Perhaps its okay that both Romanoff and Fitz-Gerald receive credit for the deal -- two strong democrats with very different strengths and styles. Without both, it couldn't have happened.

What's hurting the caucus is that the phrase "playing politics" is viewed as a negative.


Joan can barely lead the Senate. What makes her think she can lead the State. If she ran, I think the Republicans should put up "Shrek", at least he can lead a Swamp better than Fitzgerald does the Senate!


Fitz-Gerald would garner a lot of support, there's no doubt about that. Don't know how great of a Gov. she would be. Haven't liked what I have seen so far. Romanoff is head and shoulders above anyone in the field for the gubernatorial race (because Hick ain't running....a little, or a lot of in this case, free press doesn't hurt anybody)


If we Dems are looking for a woman to put at the head of the ticket, then Sen. Sue Windels would be a better choice.


They don't need to run "shrek" against her... she fits the bill herself. Joan as Gov... What a joke. You'd think we'd have learned by now not to fall into the special interest trap. Sure, she might be an ok candidate to represent Womyn and Labor but what about the rest of us. Aren't we the "big tent party"? What about the farm and ranch community, the health care advocates, and those of us that care about providing a decent education for our children. It's stated above: If Joan runs, she's the "Women's Issues and Organized Labor Candidate". Wow. Sounds like a perfect formula for campaign success in no-nonesense, moderate Colorado. Joan Fitz-Gerald should stay where she is and enjoy an "Extreme Makeover" provided by Jen Viega and Mo Keller... Ouch. Never Mind.


Deal -- What deal?
The Gov put a proposal on the table in December --
The Gov said take it or leave it --
The Dems Joanie and Andy talked about this and talked about that -- than in March they caved in and took what the Gov offered in December - come on the Gov played those two like a violin -- to call what they did a deal is absurd -- capitulation is all that it was


joan fitz-gerald for governor? is this some kind of cruel joke? i'm sorry but i'm having some serious deja vu here with frequent flashbacks to a certain schoettler '98 train wreck. who do you think was most responsible for that derailment (and on the short-list for this one as well)?
here's a hint: she sits under a gold dome and her initials are MAM.

joan fitz-gerald has about as much personality and charisma as my big toe. if democrats can't find a better candidate than this one, this race is over before it begins.


I still think Romanoff will surprise some folks. He is smart to continue his focus as Speaker and let the rest of the 'big guns' fire at each other for the time being.

There is plenty of time to get 'in'.

rachel pendergraft

On the minus side, she is pro-abortion which I feel is anti-woman, anti-family, and anti-American. On the plus side she sponsored a bill requiring everyone receiving aid to prove their citizenship. Its about time. However, why are the most devout anti-women (feminists)always held up as the female answer? They don't speak for most women. Why not support someone like Marylin Musgrave. She is pro-life, America first, fights for the rights of small business and farm owners, takes a tough stance on immigration - and so on. She is my kind of lady - strong and sensible!

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