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As I have posted many times on this board, Joan is the best hope for Dems (barring a Hick jail victory and change of mind). Colon Kennedy is a good enough guy, but hasn't had a win since...has he ever won? Anyway, she would be smart enough to not give him the keys to the manager's office.


What are the problems that Democrats have with her?


Run Joan Run! Its high time we elect a woman to run Colorado. She's smart, experienced, has strong name id, base dems lover her, and she's from Jeffco -- a key county for victory.

Alva Adams


One of the problems Fitz-Gerald will face is that for all the die-hard supporters she has, there are also a lot of Dems who either will work against her or just sit on the sidelines and watch rather than help. She's gone out of her way on more than one occassion to go after other Dems for one reason or another (she's talked about finding primary opponents for other Dems who she was at odds with, for example). Whether or not there are enough of those hurt feeling to matter remains to be seen. But she'll have to lick a lot of old wounds if she's going to run for governor.


ha ha ! "andrew", where do i begin on this one? joan fitz-gerald has to be the most divisive figure in colorado democratic politics at the present time. she has a knack for creating enemies and adverse situations (within her own party) out of thin air (just ask some of the members within her own senate caucus).

although collon kennedy would be a tremendous asset to any campaign (minus tate's), he alone is not the miracle she will need to get her race off the ground.

joan fitz-gerald is not the outgoing, charismatic, personable candidate that the democrats need to win this seat. as soon as labor figures this one out, they will be leaving her in the dust as well.

Phoenix Rising

Joan got a bad rap while running the Minority in the Senate, IMHO. She is a tough lady and provided steadfast Democratic opposition while the Republicans were fooling around the past couple of years. I imagine that some of her more moderate collegues weren't enthused about her up-front style.

But there's no question that she pulled off the Dem's State Senate victory in 2004, and she's shown a willingness to work with everyone now that she's Senate President. She's a good speaker and knows her material; she'd be a formidable opponent in any race she chooses at this point in her career.

I personally don't see her having a hard time in a re-election bid; she's been very visible and very well-received around her district, and holding the position that she does, her potential clout will be enough for some Independents to vote her way...

She may be considering the move anyway, if she'd rather remain in State politics, or if she wants to try to organize a smooth transition to her successor in the district. Several other prime candidates are interested in Udall's seat, and the Dem Governor line is looking a bit thinner than it once was. Whatever her thoughts are, they haven't reached out beyond a select inner circle yet.


To the two above comments -- let us deal in facts or numbers --
Joanie had a tough fight four years ago. It will be just as tough this year. Yes, she would be the favorite but would be tied down and hard put to help her colleagues to the extent that she was able to in 2004. As to Collon Kennedy being an asset take a look at Pen Tate's campaign. He has $2 million and comes up with 11% --hell Pen is lucky that he beat Sue Casey out for fourth.


Thanks for the reply Alva and poli_hack.


First, Colon did a good job on Tate's campaign. Tate was polling much lower weeks out and he got within 1 percent of Zavares who had tons and tons of money. Tate did not have $2 million by any stretch. Colon was fired from his gig in 2002 as head of the DSCF. Although being a little abrasive, I do think he's generally a good and smart guy.

Secondly, re. Joan. She's not a nice person. I challenged her once on an issue. It was a minor issue. But, she's never forgiven me. In fact, she won't even speak to me. I've been in the elevator a few times over the years in the Capitol, I'll say hello, and she won't respond back, say hi, or just be courtious. That's just rude. And, I'm a Democrat. I know most of the high profile Dems in this state, and I've heard from some of them, in confidentiality, that they think she's not a nice person. She's not going to have a lot of help getting the nomination.


Wow. Joan's "not a nice person."

Those are some pretty strong words there, Jane.


I have heard from a pretty reliable person that Republicans have a multi-millionaire type, ready to run vs. Fitz-Gerald, who's willing to spend some of it. She's definitely in their sights.

Phoenix Rising

She can be in their sights all they want, if she remains as reliable in office over the next year, she's going to be a tough target. She's going to have a lot of accomplishments on her plate, and a lot of press backing her up.

Millionares don't impress in the mountains. Maybe in Jeffco, but she's got more to her district than just the flatlands.


Nonetheless, she's a very devisive figure who's got a lot of press going both ways. She's not Romanoff the alter boy. And money is still a critical component of anyone's campaign.

Add 'great candidate' to 'wealthy' and she's got a very tough race. Whatever happened to Tom Daschle?

Phoenix Rising

Last I heard, Sen. Daschle was ousted by a campaign at least partially aided by paid (and undisclosed) blogger advocates connected to Jeff Gannon (who also helped). He lost to an anti-Native American bigot who hired people to register voters and toss out all the Democratic registrations...

Wealth didn't have much to do with it. Additionally, IMHO, Daschle was spineless. Reid has done very well in his absence.

As to Romanoff, he hasn't been the 'altar boy' lately; Fitz-Gerald's been getting the lauditory press lately in his stead. Her past record will fade significantly if her current press keeps on.


First off, Andrew can't be an alter boy - he's Jewish. Second, there is a vacuum of leadership on the Dems side, especially of women, who can run for Governor. Though Joan may have pissed some folks off, I think many would rally around her since the other gubernatorial choices are abysmal (minus Hickenlooper and maybe Rutt Bridges).

Joan has usurped the press from Andrew for her own gain, that some believe she doesn't deserve. Though the Speaker shouldn't allow himself to get played by her, she's done it well.

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